Your weekly horoscopes are here, and it’s time to finish what you started 👊


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and it’s time to finish what you started 👊

In this house, we love closure!

by The Tab

This week is about finishing up that which was conceived in the wake of the last New Moon. New Moons are a time for fresh starts, new looks, and resolutions.

But the Last Quarter Moon occurs this evening, leaving us with a few loose ends to tie up before we can launch into next week's New New Moon.


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Do you remember what you were doing on April 15? Look back through your texts or your photo gallery, and figure out who or what you desired at that time. Since then, you've hopefully made moves to bring you closer to your goals, and this week, you'll finally get to reap the benefits.


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You might find your focus is fairly sharp over the next 48 hours, but do not pull away from this. It's frightening confronting our truths, but the Last Quarter Moon is known for drawing out things we were hoping to leave behind during next week's New Moon. Are you really leaving anything behind if you never confront it in the first place?


When a Gemini seeks closure, it's best for them to retreat and then reflect upon what it is they'd hoped to finish: why they did or didn't, and how they can better achieve these goals next time around. Instead of hurrying to messily finish something off, prepare yourself for next week's New Moon by zeroing in on what didn't work this time around. You're only human.


You bloom in times of closure more than you do during New Moons. During this week's Last Quarter Moon, while other signs are anxiously awaiting next week's New Moon and hoping to brush past things they couldn't achieve last time around, you're enjoying some space reflecting upon everything that's happened since April 15. You've come further than you know but you've still got a long way to go, little crab. Recharge during this time.


What were your New Moon resolutions centered around? Don't remember? I promise you had them — you just didn't know how important they were at the time. Flip through your G-Cal and figure out where your head was at around the 15th of April. That's when conversations about what you truly desire took place. It'll reveal what's in your heart of hearts.


Get what you can finished, but don't try and start any new projects. You're harder on yourself than other signs — especially in the wake of New Moons — which mean by the time the Last Quarter Moon rolls around, you're pretty much done with everyone and everything. Next week you can get back to micromanaging, but this week find time to be A L O N E.


Imaging if you recharged yourself as often as you recharge your phone. You would be like…a whole new you. During this week's Last Quarter Moon, take a break from social media, take a break from answering people, and take a break from chasing after the ones who won't answer you. You're more interesting when you aren't chronicling every last aspect of your life. Why do you feel you owe anyone that?


This week's Last Quarter moon invites you to reflect and rest — something you never do unless you're told to. So here I am…telling you to. It'll be impossible to put forth your best self during next week's New Moon if you're still tired or hungover from this week. It's like a summer bod — you have to prepare in advance. But all the prep you need is water, rest and fresh air.


"Closure" probably sounds familiar, and that's because this year, your ruling planet (Jupiter) is in your twelfth house of closure, wrapping up a 12-year cycle that began back in 2006!!! I keep asking the other signs where they were during the last new moon (April 15, 2018), but where were you 12 years ago? And have you gotten to where you wanted to be? If not, why? Times of closure are powerful and can help you to channel change.


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You always give closure, and that's one of the most inspiring things about you. When you break up with someone, you need them to know that it's truly over and why. You don't ghost someone just because you think it'll be easier, or cut someone out because you'd rather do that than talk to them. During this week's Last Quarter Moon, as we all focus on closure, help someone else face theirs.


You would think an Aquarian would be good at closure since you're always moving forward, but sometimes you're moving so quickly you forget to shut the door behind you. I know the future is calling, but is it all really so much more important than the things you've left in the past? You don't have to shed everything that matters to you — some of that can come with you.


You're not amazing at closing doors, and that's because when you don't seek closure, you feel like there might be something to go back on…even when there's not. During this week's Last Quarter Moon, seek closure in at least one aspect of your life, and allow yourself to get creative about it. It can be anything from quitting coffee to quitting a person. Here's to you.