All about Foodgōd, formerly Jonathan Cheban, and his gay rumors, plastic surgery and gold-crusted chicken wings


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All about Foodgōd, formerly Jonathan Cheban, and his gay rumors, plastic surgery and gold-crusted chicken wings

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Jonathan Cheban has been around since we first started Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Cheban was Kim's Konfidant before she was like, actually famous, and he's been in the picture (or like, juuuuust outside the frame of the picture) ever since.

And now we eat ?

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But what the fuck does this guy actually do? Why do people call him Foodgōd? Is he gay, or is he going to get super fucking pissed when somebody suggests that he's gay?

Read on to find out — and to see a bunch of pictures of man eating things that will make you want to weep for humanity.

What does Jonathan Cheban do? Like, for money.

It's good to be the Foodgōd ??

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Cheban has a long and storied career of licking Kim Kardashian's asshole while he rides her coattails. Besides that, he owns two different restaurants — Sushi MiKasa and Burger Bandit — and appeared on reality TV shows, from KUWTK and all its spinoffs to fodder like Celebrity Big Brother and Millionaire Matchmaker.

He used to star in a show called The Spin Crowd about a Hollywood PR firm, so I guess he did that too? It spanned a single, eight-episode season, and you can find some of it on Youtube if you're a real glutton for punishment.

Why do people call Jonathan Cheban "Foodgōd"?

Because he asked them to, basically, via a very aggressive rebrand. Essentially, Jonathan Cheban was looking for a "thing" so he decided his schtick should be… eating food.

Literally, just eating at really expensive, decadent restaurants. He's said on-record that he doesn't actually make any food, he just… eats it. That's the whole thing. And we're stupid enough to actually prostrate ourselves at his altar.

A New York City restaurant actually let him "design" his own wings, and the design he came up with is a dish of wings dipped in gold. Is this your Foodgōd?!

Is Jonathan Cheban gay?

Jonathan Cheban has not only denied being gay, he's publicly feuded with Kim's ex-husband Kris Humphries over the mere SUGGESTION of homosexuality. Which, honestly, isn't unfair — it can't feel awesome to get called gay on television.

Cheban dated a woman named Anat Popovsky on-and-off for around three years before the pair split permanently in 2016. That being said, I'm not convinced that Cheban even has a sex drive — at this point, I'm pretty sure he just fucks the food.

Has Jonathan Cheban gotten "work" done?

Too much or never enough? ? #foodgōd

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I don't know, why don't you tell me.

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