Babe’s guide to everything Instagram, from getting famous to stalking your exes


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Babe’s guide to everything Instagram, from getting famous to stalking your exes

And all the stuff in-between

Are you looking for a way to get Insta famous, do you want to know how to get Instagram followers, or do you just want to know how to view blocked Instagram profiles? Here's our guide to EVERYTHING you've ever wanted to know about Instagram — including how to get followers and how to creep on Instagram without someone knowing. You can thank me later. ?

How to get more Instagram likes

One of the easiest ways to get more Instagram likes? Learn to cheat the algorithm.

What time you post — along with how often YOU like and comment on other posts — affects how many people see your pictures. Here is a guide to the Instagram algorithm to get you max likes — and to get your crush to notice you.

Using 'cool girl' editing tools will help you get more Instagram likes

No one uses the pre-programmed Instagram filters anymore. Or at least, not solely. Now, other editing tools are REQUIRED to produce a photo worthy of hundreds of likes. You've probably heard of Facetune (if not, download it NOW), but the average girl in 2018 has more apps than that.

she's a happy camper ??☺️

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There are now apps to add fun effects to your photos, from glitter to 3-D effects. These will make your picture more visually interesting, and more likely to attract likes. One of the most popular Instagram effects is the "old photo" effect. Here is a guide to making your Instagram photos look like polaroids, like Kim Kardashian:

Kourtney & Kim Take Tokyo ????

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Another way to get more Instagram likes? Post sexy photos or thirst traps.

Sexy content is more likely to be liked, commented on, or saved than the run-of-the-mill Instagram post because it is outside of the ordinary. Save your everyday pictures of you and a group of friends for Facebook. Don't worry — anyone can post a thirst trap. Men can post thirst traps. Plus-sized girls can post thirst traps. Everyone is sexy.

?? #MajiJumanji

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How do you take sexy photos? You can look at celebrity feeds for inspiration. Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are just two Instagram celebrities who are always posting sexy pics. Another way to take sexy photos? Choose sexy poses. The bambi, the thot squat, the fish hook, and the sugar cookie are just three sexy poses guaranteed to get you max likes.

summer 18’ I’m waiting for yuhhh

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Wearing trendy clothes helps get more Instagram likes

Instagram is ultimately aspirational. Everyone is looking for outfits they want to wear, products they want to buy, and people they want to look like. Get more likes, comments, and saves by wearing outfits people will want to screenshot and save for later.

pre-cardi lunchin ???

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How do you know what trendy outfits will help you get more Instagram likes? Keep up to date on Instagram fashion trends. There are clothing trends every season — including bathing suit trends for the summer. There are makeup trends. There are hair trends. There are even nail trends. Staying up with the trends will help you get likes from people who like you AND from people who want to be you. Here is a guide to 2018 trends.


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How to get Instagram followers

Now that you know how to get more Instagram likes, how do you get more Instagram followers? The key to gaining Instagram followers or growing your Instagram account is consistency. Follow the tips for getting more Instagram likes on every post listed above on every post.

The more likes and comments your photos get, the more likely Instagram is to put your photos in the 'Discovery' feed. This will help strangers find you. And the higher quality posts you have — and the more liked your Instagram photos are liked — the more likely a stranger is to follow you.

How to get more followers? Get on the Discovery feed.

Additionally, to get likes consistently and to gain followers, your feed needs to have a set aesthetic that your followers can depend on. Providing an actual product — an aspirational or real aesthetic — instead of one-off photos helps you attract and keep people interested in what you have to offer. If you don't know what your aesthetic is, here is a quiz to find out your personal aesthetic.

Instagram stories are an important part of getting more Instagram followers

Jen via Instagram stories #jenatkinhair #kendalljenner

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They help your audience engage with you on a personal level, and give them something to look forward to by following you, even if you don't post very regularly. Be sure to update your Instagram story regularly, and make your Instagram stories have an aesthetic that matches your feed. Need help with that? Here is a guide to the cool girl Instagram story.

And there are other tips and tricks that will help you get and retain Instagram followers

Small things, like hiding your face in Instagram photos to highlight your outfit and environment, are thought to help you gain followers. Also, making your feed unique with special effects — like the 3-D effect or certain Snapchat filters — helps you to differentiate yourself from other accounts and gain followers.

How to get Insta famous

Are you wondering, "How do I get Instagram famous?" Getting Instagram famous is hard, and most people fail. It requires getting a lot of followers who actively like and comment on your posts. Most Instagram famous people do extensive retouching on their photos to ensure they are providing the best possible product to their customers, and many people buy followers.

If you still want to try getting Instagram famous, follow our tips for getting more Instagram likes and getting more Instagram followers listed above. Also, read our guide on cheating the Instagram algorithm.

Just like getting followers requires you to consistently get likes, getting Instagram famous requires you to consistently get followers. Be sure you are dedicated to your account. Post everyday, and update your Instagram story throughout the day. Come up with a personal aesthetic and only post things that match your aesthetic. Also, find a way to differentiate your account from other accounts.

when yo skirt too short.

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Oh, and while you're at it, you should go back through your profile and delete or archive any old photos that don't match your new content. You don't want to be like Kylie Jenner.

How to get verified on Instagram

Once you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you probably want to be verified. Here is a guide to getting verified on Instagram, but just a warning — it usually requires you to have thousands of followers and a verified Facebook or Twitter account.

How to creep on Instagram stories without someone knowing

Instagram is only good for two things: getting famous, and stalking people. Is there someone you want to stalk on Instagram without them knowing? Luckily, people can't see when you look at their profile or when you screenshot their photos. People can't even see when you screenshot their stories (although that may be coming soon!)

But, people can see when you look at their stories. That is, unless you follow our guide for seeing Instagram stories without them knowing. And if you're too scared to try that method, just try making a fake account. But not just any account. You have to make it convincing.

There's even a way to download someone's story without them knowing, if you really want to creep.

How to view blocked Instagram profiles

The easiest way to view a blocked Instagram profile? Make a convincing burner account, then follow whoever blocked you. Here's a guide to make a convincing fake account that ANYONE will let follow them.

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I promise there's good stuff there. Maybe some inspiration for your feed. ?

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