We asked Jonathan Cheban what Kim’s butthole tastes like and he threw the biggest temper tantrum


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We asked Jonathan Cheban what Kim’s butthole tastes like and he threw the biggest temper tantrum

‘Listen to me you little lowlife’

Jonathan Cheban, that charlatan hawker of vile gold chicken wings, has unloaded on babe in an angry email meltdown.

For years now, Foodgod Cheban has maintained a shaky grasp on fame by clinging with dear life to Kim Kardashian's koattails. He is also known for having a horrid temper, searching for his name on Twitter and demanding to fight people for criticizing him. "Come boy," he recently told a guy online named Biscuit Daddy, telling him to travel to Miami's South Beach and respond to claims Cheban's face was "incredibly punchable."

Cheban is fresh off launching his disgusting gold sauce chicken wings, which look so inedible that it looks like even he – the creator of them – wants to spew them out and sob. And just look at the poor Insider reporter who had to try them. Are chicken wings, you know, wings from the animal that if you don't cook looks pink, supposed to look this pink??



Which brings us to babe's message to him. We asked him, innocently and good-naturedly, what Kim Kardashian's butthole tastes like since he appears to be surgically attached to it.

He opened the message we sent to the email listed on his Instagram, but didn't respond. So we added: "I saw your [sorry yes it's a typo] open this message respond you coward."

He then sent back a foul-mouthed rant while pretending to be someone on his social media team. Would a salaried member of your marketing team – someone who you pay money to make you look good in the public eye – send this?

Cheban, it's obviously you!

He said:

"Listen to me you little lowlife. If you think he opens his own gmail account messages from pathetic non existent non relevant in life humans than you must be as dumb..we’ll as you are. We here at the social media team laugh at cowards like you who hide you are our entertainment. Your message would not come a hundred years next to foodgod who is working on multi million dollar deals while u sit home broke jerking off. Have a great ?? life."

And if you were in any doubt that Cheban didn't send this message, it reads exactly like other rants he has sent to fans over the years.

Also Cheban's net worth is estimated at $3 million, so we're not sure what "multi million dollar deals." Not wrong about that last part, though.

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