The biggest power move of all time is having sex while hairy


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The biggest power move of all time is having sex while hairy

Trash that shaving cream and wax RIGHT NOW!

To say sex education was lacking in high school is an epic understatement. Most of what anyone knows about sex is from their peers who pop emergency contraceptive pills like Smarties. Classic.

Regrettably, society and pop culture has molded our brains into think beauty is pain, training us all to moisturize, floral scent-ify, and worst of all—shave before sex.

Luckily, you have me here to bless your hearts and relieve you from the unnecessary chore of shaving, waxing or threading in order to dominate the bedroom.

If pubes are in your face, yours can be in their's

Hair shouldn't set back your orgasm when they decide to go down on you. If every time you slob on the knob, fully grown hydrangeas are sprouting behind it, I'm pretty sure they can hold their breath long enough to give you the oral you damn well deserve after nearly dying from dick.

Bonus: This is the easiest way to determine if the dick deserves you. Only the real ones will go down on a hairy kitty.

You'll become more fearless in your relationship

Once you've decided to put your clippers to the side, you'll realize that everything else in the relationship is fair game. Asserting yourself as that bitch and having the gal to get it in with a beard on your vagina whilst standing loud and proud makes the other person respect you that much more. If they're on your maturity level, that is.

After not shaving for a week, I got a lot more comfortable with myself and my sex partners, trusting them not to judge my weird sex positions or my completely natural body hair.

I also realized how homophobic guys can be when I didn't shave — because apparently, hairiness translates to masculinity. In all realness though, hair protects you from a lot of the germs that could easily get to places you don't want them. I mean, it exists for a reason!

Just take one anatomy class and it'll inform you on how hair protects the surface layer of the skin. So in actuality, fucking hairy will save you from germs and viruses.

Also, not everyone even wants it bare

You, my friend, are a fully grown-ass adult. Some people genuinely prefer a little landing strip, some like it bald, some like the fucking Amazon jungle down there. But what's important is what you prefer.

There's really nothing to be embarrassed about, especially when men are praised for not taking a weedwacker to their chests.

If your body hair is a problem for their insignificant minds, then move on to your next hookup who doesn't give a damn. There are plenty of dudes and dudettes who will find you courageous, inspiring and bold for not bending to the will of societal norms. Do yourself a favor and only keep around the ones who can deal with you looking like a wookie.

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