EXPOSED: Top Republican congressional candidate is a thirsty, weird-ass Islamophobe


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EXPOSED: Top Republican congressional candidate is a thirsty, weird-ass Islamophobe

He’s running unopposed in North Carolina

Steve Von Loor is running for Congress, and he doesn't want you to know he's a randy Islamophobe with a Facebook history to rival your creepiest uncle. He was named yesterday as a "top conservative pick" for North Carolina's 4th Congressional District, where is running unopposed. "He has all of the signs of being a good candidate," gushed the article. Von Loor has also picked up glowing praise from Republican pundit Dinesh D'Souza, and is running with a hard conservative stance – he's made anti-abortion values one of his campaign's top messages.

But as babe exposed last month, Von Loor is also one of the thirstiest politicians on the internet, as he just loves commenting about the ass of his favorite lingerie model on Facebook.

Here he is posting about Venezuelan model Michelle Lewin, who uploaded a sexy photo with the comment: "Looks cold out there ?❄️." Von Loor is running on a platform based on his three pillars of "hard work, a desire to search for truth, and a need to serve the interests of the people." But that didn't stop him from replying: "Of course. Estás con la nalga al aire!" which is best translated to: "Of course. You have your ass out in the air!"

Check out another comment he made on one of Michelle's selfies, a simple: "Love your shoes."

He's also a Kim Kardashian fan – he offered her a fawning rose emoji underneath a photo she posted, writing: "Bring you [sic] black hair back! You look prettier like that ?."

If that didn't make your brain melt out of your ears in the form of a viscous pink slurry, check out his comment asking to go on the show of a noted white supremacist and anti-Semite named Nicholas Fuentes. Fuentes marched at Charlottesville on the Nazi side, and once was overheard in a leaked clip saying "Jews hurt him in his daily existence," and that having sex with people of color would be "degenerate."

Von Loor asked to go on Fuentes' radio program, writing: "Love your show. I would love to be interviewed by you."

And if you look, Von Loor's Facebook account is a smoking trash dump of Islamophobic posts. He shared an item of fake news about Islam being banned in the US, commenting underneath: "Islam is trying to destroy America." In another post, he wrote: "They don't want to assimilate" and "They hate America so much and our way of life."

He has now deleted this post

Von Loor did not respond to our request for comment last month although he did see our messages.

North Carolina is voting in a primary today, but because Thirsty Von Loor has already made it through by running unopposed, he will face off against the Democrat candidate this November.

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