Every crazy thing Lil Tay has ever said: An exhaustive list


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Every crazy thing Lil Tay has ever said: An exhaustive list

She says she’s a 9-year-old millionaire

Lil Tay calls herself the "youngest flexer of the century," which is surprising given that she claims to own luxury cars, houses and a $6,000 Gucci lint roller while being only 9 years old. A lot of people now have questions about her, like what is Lil Tay's net worth? Or how does Lil Tay have so much money? And who are Lil Tay's parents?

The child rap star has nearly two million Instagram followers, is friends with industry titans Lil Pump and Chief Keef, and isn't going anywhere. At this point, you can't afford to ignore her and her bizarre statements any longer – here's everything you've missed so far.

Lil Tay says she has so much money she's able to drink your college tuition in a single glass

  • "Ohh, Lil Tay be trapping out at six-star hotels. And I got the iPhone X. What y'all broke ass bitches have? Y'all have iPhone 5. And I be drinking your college tuition bitch. Lil Tay be drinking good. I got this Gucci lint roller, this shit cost me six thou. And I be using it to brush off all your raggedy ass, hoes. This iPhone cost me two thousand bucks, what y'all know about that life? Y'all ain't going living like Lil Tay. Lil Tay money way bitch."

    Lil Tay drives a $200,000 car without a license

    "A message to all your broke-ass haters. Y'all ain't doing it like Lil Tay. This is why all y'all fucking haters hate me, bitch. This shit cost me two hundred thousand! I'm only nine years old I ain't got no license but I still drive this sports car, bitch. Your favorite rapper ain't even doing it like Lil Tay."

    Lil Tay says she owns five houses and smokes weed

  • "You already know what it is. Lil Tay the youngest flexer of the century. I'm only 9 years old but I'm richer than all your broke ass haters. This be my kitchen, it bigger than your whole entire living room. And I got four more houses. Y'all haters are already older than me but y'all still talking shit. I'm a 9 year old millionaire and I be smoking dope, bitch. Shut your mouth before I smack you, auntie."

    Lil Tay estimates her net worth in the millions because she started moving bricks in Atlanta

  • "It's Lil Tay, let me tell y'all something. This shit cost more than your rent. My toilet cost more than your rent. Everything in my bathroom cost more than your rent. And see this my closet. Everything here be designer, Gucci, Louis, Versace. And also, when I was 6 years old, I lived in Atlanta and I was broke as hell. But one day I woke up and I said I to myself I ain't going to be broke no more. So I got up and worked hard, started moving bricks and now we be living in the hills."

    On closer inspection, the view out of her window is in fact the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver and not Hollywood.

    After her fight with Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli, Lil Tay called her a 'bitch' who 'can't even punch right'

    Lil Tay: "Fuck Bhad Bhabie, she a bitch. She trying to act cool with her bodyguard but she can't do shit. She can't even punch right bitch, she a pussy. Broke ass bitch, you can't even fight for shit and you're a bitch."

    Woah Vicky: "Lil stupid bitch trying to come for me and my sister."

    Lil Tay: "Yeah bitch. Go back to beating up your mom on Dr Phil."

    Lil Tay claimed to be under house arrest

    "This is Lil Tay's management. Lil Tay is on house arrest and got her phone taken away. She'll be back soon #freeliltay."

    Lil Tay and Jake Paul hung out to throw money outside a Lamborghini she said she purchased

    "Bitch I just bought a Lamborghini. Y'all bitches can't afford this shit, OK. I'm only nine years old but I'm the youngest flexers of the century. Me and my boy Jake Paul out here flexing on these haters. Tell em what's up Jake [Jake throws money on the ground.]"

    Lil Tay says she runs Los Angeles and has shooters everywhere

    "Lil Tay out here on the top of Beverly Hills. I run this beat. Who do you see doing it like Lil Tay? I'm the youngest one doing it. I run LA. I got shooters there, there, here. I got shooters everywhere. Nobody going try cross Lil Tay. Look at this view!"

    Lil Tay has said the n-word

  • "This Lil Tay. Bitch, I'm richer than all your broke ass n****s. 30 on my wrist, bitch. What the fuck are y'all doing with your lives? I'm nine, I was born in Atlanta and I was broke as hell. Look at me now, I'm all better than you broke ass n****s."

    Lil Tay says she drives a BMW i8 around Beverly Hills without a license


    A post shared by Lil Tay 4 Prez ? (@liltay) on Apr 20, 2018 at 7:53pm PDT

    "Lil Tay out here balling in the i8. I dropped 200 racks on this car and I'm only nine years old, I got the keys to this car. See this? These are butterfly wings. Y'all haven't seen this car in your lives. I be driving this around the Beverly Hills area and I'm only nine years old. I ain't got no license and I ain't ever gon get no license."

    Lil Tay released a single called Money Way

  • Here's the chorus:

    "Lil Tay, money way/Carve on the Coupe on Tuesday/Hundred on my wrist what could you say, (yuh)/Made twenty bands in two days (bitch)/Lil Tay, money way (yuh)/Write these bitches off like an essay, (ooh)/Me turn back I'm like OK (brr)/I be shooting off rockets call me Hussein (ooh)"

    How does Lil Tay have so much money?

    Lil Tay's mom is a real estate agent in Canada, which probably means Lil Tay can appear in so many empty luxury houses and next to so many cars, which explains why it looks like she has so much money.

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