Babe’s guide to everything you need to know about period sex


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Babe’s guide to everything you need to know about period sex

It doesn’t have to be a monthly gateway to hell

While I would love to go back on birth control to get my freak on, the pill kind of just kills my sex drive. And since that's even worse than my period, I've given up on the idea of letting nature part the red sea.

Instead of drowning in rolls of sushi, curled up in fetal position and hoping the cramps will simmer down, these are just a list of ways to make the week of your period the best one of your life.

Engage in period sex

You may think it's gross, but it actually saved my sex life. While I didn't think dick was the best cure to vaginal knives, it made me feel way better about my body and my period.

But ask them if they'd fuck you while bleeding out first

I spent time on Tinder weeding out the guys who were low-key super chill with having a friends with benefits relationship with me even when I was into days into heavy flo. One girl went a step further to find out if they'd go down on her while on her period, and the answers had me rethinking men and my standard of living.

Having period sex does wonders for you and your health. It can get a little bit messy if you aren't careful, but you have to see all the reasons on why you should do it in the first place.

Period trap your crush

This is the oldest thirst trapping trick in my book. If there's someone you've been sexting for a while and have found yourself in a situationship that you want to take to the next level, this is the way to do it.

Name your vagina


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You're with her every second of every day, and there's plenty of reasons why naming your pussy will help you feel better about your period. No matter how hard you try to wish away the back pain, cramps and ruined panties, you've got to accept that your period is with you forever. So why not bite the bullet and accept her into your heart?

Find out which vagina type you have

You'll be in and out of the bathroom every 30 minutes when your period unexpectedly appears because you're not some loser who uses a period tracker app.

In this case, while you're cleaning up the mess she's made, discover which type of vagina you have and what it says about your personality. Most of my gal squad has said it's pretty accurate, so that much validation should hold me over for the next few days.

Don't ever think that you have to punish yourself when your period presents itself at the most inconvenient time because in all realness, she'll punish you if you don't take the power back and live your best life.

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