Okay so the whole babe office is taking this one vitamin and here’s why


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Okay so the whole babe office is taking this one vitamin and here’s why


Here at babe, we’re constantly talking about how to make ourselves better. You know, without doing any work at all. Jennie literally goes to barre three drinks deep and Carrie thinks skinny lattes are the epitome of health. We’re halfway there, so when we heard Ritual was an easy way to fix ourselves, we decided to go all in.

The only kind of vitamin I had ever considered taking was birth control. Like, that’s a vitamin right? A sex vitamin? But Ritual made taking real vitamins so fucking simple. It’s basically the only vitamin you need because it’s got the nine essential nutrients many women don’t get enough of in their daily diets.

Ritual is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and allergy-free, and has no added colors! With Ritual, you only need to keep one vitamin bottle in your cabinet to get your necessary dose of omega-3, magnesium, iron, folate, and boron, plus vitamins B12, D3, K2, and E—and nothing else.

Basically, we were missing out on the easiest way to get healthy like all those #fitspo girls on Instagram. The ones with the abs??? Many of the vitamins you think you should be taking aren’t doing much. For example, you don’t really need to take Vitamin C and Calcium, because most women can commonly get enough from their diets. Yeah, basically what I’m saying is none of us know how to take care of ourselves. So we started taking Ritual a few weeks ago and now we almost don’t feel like we binge drink. Usually, I pass out at like 8pm, before I even get into a full hour of my Gossip Girl binge. Thanks to the Vitamin B12, my burnout doesn’t feel nearly as brutal. I mean, I don’t feel like I just drank 5 energy drinks. I just feel more awake during the whole day. I even have the energy to work out (sometimes).Science aside, have you ever seen a vitamin you wanted to Instagram? I’m 100% sure I’ll see these on a Hadid feed very soon. And they taste like that gum you chew before you’re about to see your crush. You know, in case something happens. Please.

Instead of using cheap forms of vitamins (like synthetic folic acid) to save money, Ritual uses the highest quality forms. Translation: this is the only vitamin you want to be taking. If you want to learn more about what’s inside Ritual, click here!

@ritual has changed the game and I’m obsessed

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I will even dare to say Jennie is usually a BITCH in the afternoon. Like, she is you after your man who’s not your man but is still your man breaks up with you on your birthday that’s also the first day of your period and the day your dog dies. Yep, I said it. The magnesium and folate help to boost your mood and keep you calm when stress strikes. Like, today, she actually smiled at me after 3pm. COINCIDENCE???

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed Sam is wearing wayyyy less makeup. Ritual includes Vitamin K2 MK7 that helps make your skin glow you won’t need all that highlight. But I’m not gonna makeup shame. You buy that glow kit. Treat yourself. Plus, Ritual will help fortify your bones and support heart health so you’ll be almost as fit as your favorite IG model. But even if you fall short of that, you’ll still be hot enough to pull Ben. Tell him I say hi.

You can take Ritual with or without food (thank god no nausea with these vitamins)! Just take two a day and you’re good to go! You can exclusively order Ritual now. And if you don’t totally love it, Ritual will pick up the tab.