Chris Brown sued by woman who says she was violently sexually assaulted in his home


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Chris Brown sued by woman who says she was violently sexually assaulted in his home

She says Chris Brown took her cell phone and trapped her in his home

An anonymous woman filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown on Wednesday after she says she was "falsely imprisoned" and sexually assaulted in his home after meeting him in a Los Angeles nightclub in February 2017.

Attorney Gloria Allred, representing the woman known as Jane Doe, announced the suit, calling the incident a "horrific sexual assault" that left her client Jane Doe "severely traumatized."

According to Doe, Brown and his friend Lowell Grissom Jr., known as Young Lo, invited her to an afterparty at Brown's studio where they took her cell phone, because Brown didn't want anyone to have a phone in the studio. From there, Doe says she moved to Brown's residence because, according to Allred: "He perceived that she would only be able to retrieve her phone there."

After arriving at Brown's house, the lawsuit alleges that she and other "guests" were offered drugs and alcohol, which she refused and was "intimidated" by guns she saw throughout the residence.

Doe said in the lawsuit that she asked to leave Brown's house multiple times, and that her mother actually called the police after losing contact with Doe — but that Brown refused to let the authorities enter his home.

According to Rolling Stone, the LAPD is not currently investigating Chris Brown. And TMZ reported that police investigated, but "could not determine if the sex was consensual or forced."

From there, Brown and Grissom allegedly corralled their "guests" into one room, blocked the door with a couch and then turned on loud music and porn, which made both men "visibly excited." Brown, Grissom and some of their female guests then began engaging in sexual activity, which the lawsuit said Doe stated she was not interested in.

But the lawsuit states that another woman, identified as Doe X, asked and then physically forced Jane Doe to perform oral sex on Grissom, before the other woman held her down and sat on her face, forcing Jane Doe to perform oral sex on her, while Grissom "molested the lower half of [Jane Doe's] body with his mouth and hands."

Doe X was allegedly menstruating, so she took Jane Doe to the bathroom to shower, at which point the lawsuit alleges that Jane Doe saw her own face covered in blood. While she was in the shower, the lawsuit alleges that Grissom entered the bathroom, further molested her, then pushed her down "onto [a] bed and raped her" when she tried to run away.

Finally, Grissom told her she could have her cell phone back if she used it in the "laundry room" in another area of Brown's house — and while she used her phone there to call herself a car, the lawsuit alleges that he raped her again.

Jane Doe is suing Brown, Grissom and the anonymous Doe X on numerous charges, including sexual battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

This isn't the first time Brown has been accused of illegally confiscating a woman's cell phone, and it's certainly not the first time he's been named for violently hurting women.

"Chris didn’t do anything and they know Chris didn’t do anything," Brown's lawyer told TMZ in response to the suit. He also said that Jane Doe is asking Brown for $17 million. "In another era, we might have called this a shakedown," he said.

You can find the document in full here.

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