How often should you shower? An investigation


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How often should you shower? An investigation

It’s time to be honest for once

Most people I know say they shower every single day, which makes sense because that's what we've all been trained to think from our parents washing our asses in our infancy. However, this is real life where we don't live in an episode of Sex and the City and the characters have 72 hour days to brunch, attend fashion shows and still fit in an eight hour work day.

Maybe it's just me but I'd like to enjoy every second of hot steamy drippage down my back. Still, I'm a lazy ass bitch and prefer not to exert myself standing for those 30 minutes in a shower. Like a bath is…cute and all, but who really wants to sit in their own wet dirt?

Typically, I'll also use the time before actually putting on clothes to thirst trap and add more nudes to my collection now before some Tinder dick asks for them when I'm fully dressed without a smile. I'll never understand why guys think 2:47 on a Thursday is the time I'm shooting and sending nudes. I work, son. Well, mostly.

I even sought out Twitter polls for some insight because people like to vote on their hygiene

Although most people on Twitter are lying through their teeth, it appears that a good amount of people don't shower every single day. And why should you? Even the America Academy of Dermatology can't tell me, a grown ass adult, how often I should bathe because they stop giving us guidelines.

According to experts, showers strip the skin of its natural moisture: "Soap is built to pull dirt and oil off the skin and wash it away." However, that natural moisture is what keeps my black ass from getting ashy in a matter of minutes of hopping out of said shower.

So I polled Babe's Facebook group to validate my dirty living habits and I DEFINITELY am not alone

While over 30 babe fans are normies and bathe daily, 26 of my fellow filthy animals either shower two to three times a week, every other day, or once a week.

I asked why they weren't so keen on a shower

"I'm gunna be honest. I love showers, but I hate getting in them," babe reader Kayla said. "Sometimes I will forget. Usually, I only have like two a week. I don't give a fuck. Judge me if ya'll want to. I'll be stinky and not caring over here."

Another babe member named Corrine said she washes with cold water once a week. "I only wash once a week with as cold water as you can stand! And dry shampoo the rest of the time! I was a redhead for five years and it fades so fast," she said.

Kallie also doesn't shower everyday: "I don't take a shower every single day, just a couple times a week, I don't really do many activities that would make me sweat or smell."

Even read our babe group chat on this extremely pressing matter and our answers varied immensely

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I can't say I like getting wet in any way other than in the bedroom after swapping sweat, but I don't think it'll kill us if we have our skip days every now and then. But at the end of the day, my rule of thumb has always been a wise phrase from my mother. "If you can smell you, other people can smell you."

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