These Class of 2018 graduation stories are so inspiring, they’ll have you rolling around crying


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These Class of 2018 graduation stories are so inspiring, they’ll have you rolling around crying

Aborted at age 4, died in Pearl Harbor, graduate at 18

There's nothing so inspiring as grad season. You can basically smell the soon-to-be-broken dreams in the air! And the joy everyone feels getting that one watch they've always coveted — as though anyone can tell analog time, loool — is contagious. I'd sit in a hot gymnasium full of people I barely talked to over and over again if it meant experiencing the rush of taking a picture with my high school mascot for my mom again. Seriously. I'm not just saying that because she reads all my content!

The only thing that makes those walks across the stage more moving is when there's a slightly painful story of someone overcoming hardship to get there. And lucky for us, sharing those inspirational tales is the latest Twitter trend.

You know how Pinterest says 'Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about'?

Well, guess what? It's true. I can't believe he died in 9/11 and still made it to the ceremony! :,) AND he's a Shutterstock model?!

Just look at the HARDSHIPS these students overcame

Each story more jaw-dropping than the last.

Honestly, most people couldn't have done it

But it's so inspiring someone did! Humans are so strong.

I know I couldn't have

At least not without the support of my Twitter followers and a few good memes.

But I think I'll just print these out in case I need a reason to keep moving on with my miserable life

If diy urchin can survive being conceived at 4, I can make it through another day slogging through our capitalist structures labeled "real life."

Or, I'll just keep them in my Twitter favorites for a little giggle


Happy grad season to everyone who shared their stories on Twitter. You all are stronger than US Marines and probably smarter than Stephen Hawking. Am I allowed to say that now?

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