Melania Trump has been hospitalized


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Melania Trump has been hospitalized

I hope Barron is okay

Melania Trump was hospitalized Thursday afternoon with a "benign kidney condition," for which the White House said she received an "embolization procedure."

If you, like me, respect the flag and hate science then you're probably like — what's an embolization procedure, and how long is Melania going to Be Rest(ing from her surgical procedure)?

Well, according to this website, an embolization procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses a catheter to block blood flow to a specific area of the body in order to treat tumors and aneurysms, among other conditions. And according to the press release from the Office of the First Lady, she'll be resting post-surgery until the end of the week.

Translation: uh, she's fine?

According to NBC News, Trump spoke with his wife before the surgery, talked to her doctor after the procedure, and even visited her today afterwards, which is honestly kind of surprising. I assumed he'd just send her a DM or make Barron fetch her an Edible Arrangement.

Obviously nobody in our office has medical experience or we'd be doing that instead of whatever this is, but resident male staffer and certified FBI Agent (Female Body Inspector) Harry Shukman suggested that a kidney condition is, in this case, code for a UTI.

Despot's wives… they're just like us!

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