We asked girls for the biggest relationship red flags they’ve ever seen, and now I never want to date again


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We asked girls for the biggest relationship red flags they’ve ever seen, and now I never want to date again


We've all been on a few dates with someone before we discovered something that stopped us cold in our tracks and made us buy a one-way ticket to Ghost City.

Maybe your prospective boo was "into politics." Maybe your would-be lover asked you if you wanted to go to a Meghan Trainor concert. Maybe you saw that dick print and shit was looking too small!

Either way, we've all run into red flags before beginning a potential relationship — so I asked girls about the worst warning signs they've ever experienced in the dating world and honestly, this shit makes me want to delete Tinder, throw my phone into the sea and then become a nun — and not necessarily in that order!


Guy from work. Super cute, super smart. We were chilling talking and I said something about LGBTQ rights and he was like, "Ew hopefully you're not one of those, because just ew no." Like… BOY BYEEEEEE!

– Danette

When you know, you know…

I was texting this girl and we had a lot in common (she was a Tinder match), but we hadn’t even gone on a date yet when she brought up our future and was like “Well, maybe down the road we can live together :)”

– Marie

9-1-1 emergency

We were headed out of town for a date when he got pulled over. We had been speeding and he received a ticket. He was older than me by about four years, like 26 or 27 at the time. He teared up a little — mind you, I thought he was one of the “tear up cause I’m mad” type of people, because I am. But he proceeded to pull his phone out, sniffle, and the first (and only) word I heard was: “Mommmmyyyyy….” And then he asked to be taken home. ?

We’re still friendly acquaintances and he’s still whiny.

– Sofia

It's a jungle down there

Three words: A huge bush. I couldn’t even see his penis, I had to go looking. ???

– Anna

The talent scout

I once went on a date with a guy who told me he usually dated supermodels but I had “potential.” Then he proceeded to point at areas on my body he liked versus what I needed to work on. Needless to say the date ended with me throwing hot spaghetti in his lap and leaving to go to a bar down the street.

– Maxine

American Psycho

He told me he thought about killing people all the time and had like, notes about how to do it. He said when he was in a cab with someone alone, he would think of all the ways he could kill that person without anyone finding out.

– Darla


I met up with a Tinder date two weekends ago to pregame at his place before a party we were all going to. I took my friend with me, 'cause there was a bunch of us.

Anyway, fast forward half an hour and I see my date going into his bedroom with my friend and they're gone for like 45 minutes. He ghosts me and adds my friend on Facebook the next day. I bumped into him on the train days later and called him an asshole, to which he responded "Yeah, I know."

– Sammy

Road rage

I was actually dating this guy for a couple months. He was the real deal and I seriously liked him. Until one day when we were driving in his car, looking for the dry cleaning place his mom asked him to stop by and pick up clothes from. For some reason we had a hard time finding it, which resulted in him saying a bunch of cuss words and throwing his phone in the car, breaking it. I immediately broke up with him that week. I don't need that kind of rage anger in my life!

– Taylor

Not a threat, but a promise

I was talking to a guy I met on Tinder and it seemed very like just friends…? Nothing sexual or romantic. We chatted a few times a week and it was all super casual.

One day he asked me to meet him, and I said I couldn't because I was busy or whatever, and he then replied saying he feels he can't live without me and he would kill himself if I ever left him! We'd probably been talking about 3 weeks?

It's safe to say I blocked him on any and all social media and got the hell out of there before it was too late.

– Janelle

We stan…

Anytime a guy says he hates Michelle Obama or Beyoncé, I stop speaking to them! Don’t need that negativity in my life!

– Sheryl

Best friends for never

I had a manipulative former guy BFF that tried to manipulate/pressure me into a relationship I didn't want. Eventually, I was forced to cut him out of my life because he would get absolutely shit-faced every time I so much as talked about having interest in someone else.

I was always having to deal with a drunken message like, "I love you, we're meant to be together… but I'm a total garbage person… you don't want me… but I love you we're soulmates… but I'm dirt and I'm not worthy of you…please be my girlfriend?" And honestly, I got so tired of his bullshit, I had to get rid of him entirely.

Five years later and I'm still fucking bitter about the whole thing and angry for not seeing the red flags sooner.

– Eryn


Once a guy showed me a hole he punched in his dry wall… And somehow, this has happened to like, a lot of people I know?!

– Angie

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