YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is divorcing her husband


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YouTube beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is divorcing her husband

‘We’ve changed and grown apart’

Fans speculated for months on the status of beauty guru and social media influencer Jaclyn Hill's relationship, but it seems the mystery's finally put to rest. On Wednesday afternoon, Jaclyn and her husband Jon Hill uploaded separate statements to their Instagram accounts announcing their divorce.

Jaclyn's statement, which you can read in full below, repeated her love for her soon-to-be ex. "I still believe in love" and happy endings, she (or a publicist?) wrote for her 5.3 million Insta followers.

After almost 9 years of marriage, Jon and I have decided to divorce. Although this has been one of the hardest decisions of our lives, I know it's what is best for both of us. I will always have love for him, and I am so grateful for all the good times we shared together," she continued. "My heart is broken by this, but I still believe in love and believe everyone has a chance for a happy ending. Thank you so much for your love and support towards the the both of us.

Jon also took to his own account to write about the split, those his phrasing is a bit gruffer

"This is obviously not the future we envisioned but we were very young and have both since changed and grown apart. Although there's still love between us, we feel it's best to go our separate ways. We thank you for your respect and understanding as we go through this transition.

Rumors of a divorce have swirled for months. The couple, who've always felt comfortable airing dirty laundry for their YouTube subscribers, spoke openly about the strain Jon's drug addiction and rehab stint had on their marriage. In her latest video, Jaclyn said unprompted that she "hates cheaters and liars", sending their fans into full panic-mode.

Jon stopped making appearances on Jaclyn's channel months ago, and she's been posting cryptic tweets about a personal tragedy all year.

The couple were married for nine years and have no children together, but they do share custody of a few flouncy-looking dogs and uncountable eyeshadow palettes.

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