Stunt in those summer selfies with the perfect beauty looks for every skin tone

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Stunt in those summer selfies with the perfect beauty looks for every skin tone

Should I just become an Insta model?

We’re officially in summer mode. With such gorgeous lighting everyday, you know it’s prime selfie season. The only issue with all that time in nature (and yes I consider the top of my apartment building “nature”) is….the sun. So thank god then Winky Lux created their White Tea Tinted Veil Moisturizer. It blends right into your skin to give you subtle coverage, but it protects too with SPF 30. Check out these steamy summer beauty looks using the Tinted Veil Moisturizer and more Winky Lux products.

Waterside glamour for fair skin tones

First up, Caroline. This girl burns on a cloudy day so some daily SPF is def a necessity. No one wants a selfie ruined by a sun burn. Caroline already has amazing skin, but Winky Lux’s Diamond Powder really took it to the next level. Yes, there’s really crushed diamonds in it!

Caroline doesn’t normally wear that much makeup. I’ve seen her put on blush maybe once for a party, but she was all about the Matte Lip Velour. “I absolutely love the Winky Lux lipstick,” she said at the shoot. “Not only is it subtle and elegant, but it’s also super aesthetic. It’s the type of thing I’d be eager to share with a friend because it looks good on everyone.”

Used to create this look: Tinted Veil Moisturizer – fair ($25), Peeper Perfect Concealer – light ($14), Diamond Powder – light ($20), and Matte Lip Velour – naked dress ($14)

Blue + bellinis for light skin tones

Emily didn’t even need to filter her selfie thanks to Tinted Veil Moisturizer. “I love the tinted moisturizer!! It blends in so well with my skin and makes me feel like I’m not even wearing makeup – which is great, because I love a natural look,” she dished. Her look is made for an outdoor brunch. With an Eye Shadow Palette called “bellini,” what the fuck else are you supposed to do but take a selfie a little tipsy against a beautiful ocean blue wall?

Even as we were shooting, Emily couldn’t get over the Flower Balm. “I absolutely ADORE the Flower Lip Balm. It gives me the most natural tint and shine. Really emphasizes how a little bit goes a long way,” Emily said.

Used to create this look: Tinted Veil Moisturizer – light ($25), Peeper Perfect Concealer – light/medium ($14), Flower Balm ($14), and Eye Shadow Palette – bellini ($25)

Glowing and gorgeous for medium skin tones

Okay we need to talk about Nia’s lips! The Pucker Up Lip Plumper gave her already luscious lips juice to make them look extra delectable. “The bronzer is definitely going wherever I go too,” she said. “It’s close to summer time, so less is more when it comes to makeup, and the bronzer is perfect for adding shape and color to my face. Its like having my tan on glow.”

The Tinted Veil Moisturizer really helped bring her whole summer “makeup” free look together. She def found the perf happy hour date look! Obvs it would be ideal if your man who’s not your man but is kind of your man took some sick shots of you after the date too. ;)

Used to create this look: Tinted Veil Moisturizer – medium ($25), Peeper Perfect Concealer – medium ($14), Coffee Bronzer ($20), and Pucker Up Lip Plumper ($16)

Coming up roses for medium deep skin tones

Syra fucking glowed with the Coffee Eye Palette. She nailed that “I’m not wearing makeup but I’m actually wearing makeup” vibe that’s a bitch to pull off right. “It was really easy to use and blend out,” she told babe. “I’m making this one of my new go-to summer looks.”

She also put on a little Coffee Bronzer on over the Tinted Veil Moisturizer to make her extra sun-kissed. “My skin had such a natural glow and felt so healthy and plump,” Syra said. This will make your selfie look totally spontaneous (even if you spent hours contouring. Don’t worry, I won’t tell).

Used to create this look: Tinted Veil Moisturizer – medium deep ($25), Peeper Perfect Concealer -medium/deep ($14), and Coffee Eye Palette ($25)

Matcha perfection for deep skin tones

All that time outside trying to find the best angle for your selfie could cause some damage, but Ari saved her pouty lips with Matcha Balm. There’s a little caffeine in it to give lips a boost and Vitamin C for keep them extra hydrated in the heat.

Ari’s favorite product by a mile was the Peeper Perfect Concealer. “It was the,” she told us. “You don’t need a lot to cover up any dark spots because a tiny drop gave me a lot of coverage. It’s not too heavy on the skin, so it’s great to wear for the summertime.”

Used to create this look:Tinted Veil Moisturizer – deep ($25), Peeper Perfect Concealer – deep ($14), Strobing Highlighter Balm ($16), and Matcha Balm ($14)

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