Here’s how you can finally mute someone’s Instagram posts without unfollowing them


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Here’s how you can finally mute someone’s Instagram posts without unfollowing them

Raise your hand if you’re sick of your friends!

Instagram's great for a lot of things: Making yourself look hotter than you are, making you cat look more popular than she is, and creeping on your crush's ex-girlfriend's camp bunkmate's cousin because you thought you saw a female-looking shoe in the corner of his story.

But then you stumble on some shit you can never un-see, like stuff that hurts your feelings or a photo of your friend's mom taking a bath selfie, you realize some content is NSFYMH (Not Safe for Your Mental Health).

Although there's no way to completely mute the people whose content you despise most, you can use these steps to limit and potentially eliminate those 1 minute videos of your uncle washing his naked mole rat face.

Step 1: Follow your followers' followers

Still with me? Good. The people and the content you enjoy seeing are probably also following people whose content isn't your ashy-lookin' ex. The whole point of Instagram is to trick the algorithm into bringing in more posts that won't bring on early onset blindness and filtering out the shit posts that you're worried your friends will scroll past whilst going through your phone. Word of advice—KEEP THAT PHONE ON LOCKDOWN, FOOL!

Step 2: Disengage with the bad content

You want to be able to stop viewing your auntie's poor weave bang from Thanksgiving, but you can damn sure stop liking those tasteless posts. The more you engage with a user's posts, the more you'll see their content. Fewer engagements means you're less likely to come across their selfie right when you least wanted to.

Step 3: Do NOT even click on their page

The more you address the existence of someone else's horrid Instagram account, greater the likelihood of seeing those posts in your feed.

Instagram is one sneaky lil trick who's basically just awaiting your slip-up.One rouge profile click means weeks of setbacks.

Step 4: Engage with the good content

Whatever it is you truly want to waste your mind on, be sure to like, comment and engage with said posts. I don't want to come into contact with some of my gal pals' cosplay the royal wedding, and neither do you.

The easiest way to keep cat vids and Kendall Jenner abusing her stallions out of your feed is to follow the suggested accounts underneath the accounts you already follow and like:

The algorithm knows that if you already fuck with one page, you're more than likely to do the same with the ones that the app recommends to you as well. It's plausible that Instagram has paired you two together because both the account you follow and the ones suggested both use very similar hashtags and have mutual followers. So as I said before, inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit.

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