Step aside, Camila — Normani is gonna be the TRUE Fifth Harmony breakout star


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Step aside, Camila — Normani is gonna be the TRUE Fifth Harmony breakout star

Who is Normani? You’ll find out soon

When Fifth Harmony announced their split in March, we were immediately confident that Camila Cabello was dancing in the flames of their demise. But now, a few months down the road, a new victor has emerged and her name is Normani.

Normani is a 21-year-old singer and dancer from Houston, Texas. She's also Fifth Harmony's next big breakout star, and here's why:

She's… so beautiful

my “bitch I just met Janet” pose

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Okay, all of the Fifth Harmony girls are beautiful. All women in the world are beautiful! But Normani is especially beautiful, and I have photographic PROOF — pictures of Normani looking extremely fucking beautiful on multiple occasions.

I’m for keeps

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gotta keep it all one hunnid witcha

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I'm not even jealous. If my boyfriend dumped me for Normani I'd be like, "Okay, cool, so when are the three of us gonna hang out?" Nah, just kidding, I'd cry.

She's multi-talented as fuck

Just check her performance at the Billboard Music Awards! The vocals, the choreography, the way she makes Khalid look like some guy who just kinda wandered onstage: it's everything. She's a whole performer. I'm seriously winded just watching her do all that work.

Plus, she's a model — Wilhelmina signed her in May. Are you KIDDING ME? That's almost too much.

She's already got famous fans

The beautiful people are ROOTING for Normani, and if they want to see her win then so do I. Zendaya, Kehlani and Bebe Rexha are just a few of the celebrities who shouted her out on Twitter, and Solange retweeted a video of her performing. That cosign alone is enough for me to stan.

Even Camila is bowing down

Sure, you see two friends having fun. But I see a peasant paying tribute to her liege. And check out this video of Camila reciting a poem she wrote about Normani that says Normani is prettier than Beyoncé.

You don't something like that to a friend. You it to someone you worship.

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