‘Hip cleavage’ is the hottest thick girl beach trend this summer


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‘Hip cleavage’ is the hottest thick girl beach trend this summer

After I squeeze into this two-piece, it’s over for y’all

It's probably taking over your entire Instagram feed right now, but you'll surly see this trend sprawled out all throughout the beach. "Hip cleavage" is a thick girl's v-cut, a thirst trap designed for thickies and thickies only.

It can only be done with thick thighs and love handles


My thicc savior, Ashley Graham, is the trendsetter for this viral pose. It kicked off with her plus-size debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 2016. This is how it works: just stand or sit in a way that creates a crease between your thick hip and thigh, folding your body in a way that creates a slight bulge.

It's not necessarily thick girls only, because you never know what straight-size girl is carrying a caboose beneath the her everyday wear, but I digress! I can attest to the fact that this probably works as a thirst trap seeing as you have to be almost totally nekked for this pose to be achieved. Either way, I'm sure posting your hip cleavage is sure to turn your Insta DMs into thirst city. So be nice and quench those hoes.


High waisted panties/bottoms ONLY


The real secret to making your hip cleavage pop is to make sure you're wearing an outfit that doesn't cover your hip fat and thighs too much. In order to make some fool-proof hip cleavage, wear a thong or some high waisted undies so you don't cover up the goods. In fact, the safest way to tell your hip cleavage shows is by continuously pulling out that atomic wedgie you've created for yourself based on your choice of briefs.

In my opinion, you should be on the lookout for sickening body suits, bathing suits and panties to get the most out of the hip cleavage trend now. We're around that time of year again where we're all looking for a hot summer fling, and if you happen to hit the sand with some drool-worthy thighs, it's pretty likely you'll start lining your flings up by alphabetical order sooner than you thought.

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