I can’t stop looking at this Instagram account dedicated to making Rihanna’s head big


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I can’t stop looking at this Instagram account dedicated to making Rihanna’s head big

She looks like a Bratz doll

There’s an epidemic going around, but it’s one I’m actually kind of loving: weird-ass celeb Photoshop.

Blessedly, it’s very different from the celebrity editing of our youth. We grew up with magazines retouching models’ waists to stick-figure proportions, but kids these days get to revel in a world of edits for fun. First, we had that glorious account dedicated to editing Beyonce thicc as shit, then we got that amazing meme in which people edited Kim Kardashian as weirdly strong, and then that whole trend of making Kardashian heads itty-bitty.

Now, it’s Rihanna’s turn — and frankly, I’m offended that it took this long! One particular Instagram account is dedicated solely to making Rihanna’s noggin look unnaturally enormous. It’s called BigHeadHanna, and I love it.

BigHeadHanna took over Rihanna’s ad campaigns

Who need clothes?! ??? @badgalriri #Rihanna

A post shared by RIHANNA FOLLOWS 6/04/2017 (@bigheadhanna_) on

Babe spoke to Lucia, the 19-year-old Italian girl who runs the Bigheadhanna account, part of her Bigheadfamily which is filled with big head edits of other celebs. “Rihanna is my Idol,” she said. “I wanted to do something different than others. I checked a lot of accounts and picked up the idea to attract people.”

Faster than a rocket!? 30s never looked so good 'n sexy???? #Rihanna

A post shared by RIHANNA FOLLOWS 6/04/2017 (@bigheadhanna_) on

She told Babe she uses a super simple photo-editing app to make Rihanna’s head big: Picsart. “I learned it by myself. My first edits were really ugly, and then I got a lot of practice to make them better,” she said. “The thing I like to do is to put some Rihanna music on, and then start doing my edits.”

And if you’re thinking this is somehow disrespectful to Rih, just know that the Fenty Queen herself has given Lucia’s account her stamp of approval. Lucia said she freaked when Rihanna started following the account more than a year ago. “That’s the best notification I could ever receive in my whole life,” she said. “I still think she sees all my pictures.”

Us mortals have no idea what goes on in Rih’s, these edited photos are probably an indication of just how much knowledge she’s got crammed up there. Maybe it’s an upcoming wig line she wants to launch, maybe it’s filled with daydreams of beating Drake’s ass in revenge. Who knows?

Bad girls powah?? Tag them if you like it!? #FentyxPuma #RihannaNavy

A post shared by RIHANNA FOLLOWS 6/04/2017 (@bigheadhanna_) on

Honestly, I think Rih might make this an IRL trend like she does everything else. Don’t be surprised if in a few months, we see girls editing their heads to a genius-sized circumference. Tbh, we might be on the verge of a full-blown big-head surgery trend! Skull implants, anyone?

She's not so a bad gyal?? @badgalriri #MetGala

A post shared by RIHANNA FOLLOWS 6/04/2017 (@bigheadhanna_) on

I miss u girl❤️??? #Rihanna #RihannaNavy

A post shared by RIHANNA FOLLOWS 6/04/2017 (@bigheadhanna_) on

If you think about it, this was a natural step for the queen weed majesty. Even without editing, Rih’s known for her big-ass head IRL. But it’s a good thing — Where else would she store all the secrets behind her Fenty empire.

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