Do your tits a huge favor and buy a boob belt this summer


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Do your tits a huge favor and buy a boob belt this summer

Plus where to get the best ones

Not to get political, but global temperatures at an all time high — which means you now have a good reason to go any/everywhere in little more than some booty shorts and a bra. It also means you have little reason to not write you senator about environmental protection but whatever!

I'd like to pose a challenge: Why stop at denim cutoffs and a skimpy top? How can you bring even more attention to yourself amid heat waves?

Allow me to help you out. Women are trading in underwire and straps for chains to grace their fully freed ta-tas. Boob belts are slowing flooding your feeds and I'm pretty confident almost anyone can pull it off.

Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were the originators (aren't they always?)

Boob belts are pretty inexpensive, and for a while I had no idea how anyone could throw one on without entangling their hair in the process — but now I know it can be done. They're simple, minimalistic and more importantly, way sexier any of the hole-riddled Maidenforms you've had in your drawer since 10th grade.

They're literally just glittery harnesses for your breasts

In a nutshell, these boob belts are like bracelet bralettes…but there's nothing to actually cover your tits with, but that's what makes the jewelry piece so irresistible.

You're more than likely to be at your most attractive when you wear a boob belt the correct way, which is under the bra or under a super low-cut blouse. Remember, this is about max attention-seeking. When you walk into a room, a glimmery boob belt assures everyone wants to be you or be in you. Maybe both!

There's a second style perfect for the beach, too

The ribcage boob belt is a little more over the top because it brings awareness to more than just the space between Tit 1 and Tit 2. Not only do the shiny chains attract beach goers the same way seagulls swarm a pile of Doritos crumbs, but ribcage boob belts are flatter and capture how snatched your waist it. It's almost like a 2 for 1 deal at Claire's (may she rest in peace).

However you plan on nailing your sexy fling, let this boob belt trend be part of your strategy — people, like birds, are attracted to things that shine. Taking the initiative to talk to someone first is for losers, ya'll. Sorry, not sorry.

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