I can’t stop looking at these celebrities without their eyebrows


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I can’t stop looking at these celebrities without their eyebrows

They look like under-the-bridge troll binches

With today's technology, there's nothing we can't do to people's online appearance. And it's pretty much the only thing giving me solace about the creeps in my Twitter DMs.

Now, there's a whole-ass website where you can look at all your favorite TV and movie stars with the most precious facial feature removed: their eyebrows.

Babe spoke to Gusto, the creator of celebswithnoeyebrows.com. Gusto told us the site was actually created entirely by accident. "It was a Photoshop mistake I made while editing photos of the Jersey Shore cast at work." Gusto happened to be working at MTV at the time and accidentally shaved off Pauly D's brow by mistake. "I thought it looked hilarious so I continued doing it for other celebs," he said. Let's journey!

Browly Cyrus

The fact that Miley Cyrus can go from musician to messed-up in 2 seconds without her eyebrows brings me unspeakable comfort.

Kim Browdashian

Oooh Kim, if Kanye ever saw you like this…

Gusto said a lot of the stars he featured tweeted about the site. "Some of the standouts were Kim K, Perez Hilton and some of the Jersey Shore cast." Gusto now works in advertising and marketing since launching the site at the end of 2013.

Lana Brow Rey

If Lana ever gets sick of money and fame, she could totally pass for one of the Hot Topic employees at your local indoor mall.

Selena Browmez

On the plus side, without eyebrows none of us could tell whether or not Selena's still living in Sad City over her assorted breakups.

Lady BrowBrow

Browga actually looks the most normal in this series of browless babes. I think the artist did Gaga a favor in removing her eyebrows since she's never even tried to match her eyebrows to her wig's hairline.

Browris Hilton

Is it safe to say Paris and Ashley Simpson circa 2004 are like, twins? Paris could even be cast in the next Mars Attacks reboot (they'll make one, trust me), because what the fuck is she really doing with her DJ career?

Demi Lebrowto

Browless Demi is on her way to becoming a rotting alien without her trusty ABH dip brow.

Megan Browx

Out of all the browless bitches on this list, Megan Fox has to have the worst browless photo. Don't hate the writer, hate the Photoshop developers.

Browler Swift

Remember that movie The Borrowers, ya'll? You probably get where I'm going with this one. It's funny how you don't realize how much Taylor Swift reminds you of a wet paper bag once her "naturally" blonde eyebrows ghost her.

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