An extremely detailed but super simple guide to making kissing hot again


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An extremely detailed but super simple guide to making kissing hot again

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Hookups are cute or whateva, but I've found that kissing is way more of an intimate act than any foreplay or sex. You're required to face the other person head-on, and the close proximity you're in with someone you genuinely like is best feeling pretty much anyone could probably ever encounter.

Even some sex workers won't kiss their customers because of kissing's sacredness. So, for the girls who just want to stay clothed but still experience some action-packed intimacy, use this guide:

Hold their face

Capturing someone by their cheeks puts you in control when you're ready to pucker up. It also gives you an excuse to touch the guy's beard or a girl's glass-like skin.

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Holding someone by the face while kissing them makes the moment that much more special, because you're obviously trying to maintain some kind of flow between the two of you fighting for dominance. In my honest opinion, it also hints at the fact that you genuinely want something more and aren't only looking to rip their top off.

Start slow and steady

Don't go plunging your tongue down their throat, bitch! There's an art to this kind of intimacy and once you rush it, you ruin it. Use your lips only to pout and pucker them so they can meet you half way. If they dive into your mouth tongue first, back the hell away because you should be the one to lead this tango.

Kissing is like a game of tug-o-war, but you have to indicate with your movement what stays and what goes. Starting your make-out session off slow ignites a sense of curiosity in the other party so you both see where it goes.

Lick their lips

A swift lap over the mouth will let them know you're ready to explore their tongue and that they can explore yours. I don't know how many times someone's shoved their tongue in my mouth without any warning that their about to demolish the highlight on my cupid's bow.

Flick your tongue across their bottom lip, so they're ready for what's about to happen. You prove your boldness and let them know you're getting more comfortable with them.

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Now, bite it!

Lip biting is what'll turn them on. A light lip bite is all it takes to show the other person you're gentle, but you've still got some kinky bones in your bod. Don't ask me why it's hot, it just is. It's also playful enough to where they'll probably start pushing (I prefer throwing) you against the wall to find out what else that mouf do.

Straddle them…if you haven't already

If ya'll are still dressed by this point, then hop right on it. Body language is everything when you're making moves with someone you're crushing on. You'll exude hella confidence (a turn-on) and if you are in fact ready to move it to the bedroom, straddling is just a light preview of what they can expect.

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Talk that dutty talk

"You're so sexy", "Fuck, that's hot" or "Damn, baby" are all welcomed phrases to use in your make-out sesh. Typically, I wait for them to speak the nasty dialog first because if it's my crush I'm kissing, I don't want to be weird or off-putting if I take it too far before really feeling them out.

By now, you're probably about to take it to the couch, bed or whatever nearby quiet place you can find. But in the end, only real ones rip away, regain composure and leave their partner waiting and wanting more. Now, let the chase begin!

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