Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani’s ‘What I Need’ video is exactly what girls and gays (and gay girls!) called for


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Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani’s ‘What I Need’ video is exactly what girls and gays (and gay girls!) called for

I’ve got the shivers, you guys

Drop everything you're doing right fucking now! Earlier today, gay icon Hayley Kiyoko dropped the music video for "What I Need" featuring queer queen Kehlani and it's everything that represents the year of #20GayTeen. Let us all fan girl over how the video's love story plot line unfolds, shall we?

The video kicks off with Kehlani in a heated argument with her aunt at home

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She and Kehlani fight about her friendship with Hayley, who appears to be more than her best squirrelfriend. Hint: she is more than a friend.

Kehlani makes the rash decision to leave home and roadtrip it with Hayley

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The two hit the road with no clear destination, living their best life and being their best in-love selves. I don't have a driver's license, so this remains only a fantasy of mine.

The two grab some booze, dance in a bar and begin to question the true nature of their friendship

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These two are actually a match made in video heaven — my babies are just too damn cute.

Unfortunately, their car breaks down

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The two do the old school thing and hitchhike, hoping some kind soul with a car will stop and pick them up.

Instead of waiting on someone, they jump in the back of a pickup truck — but the driver catches them hiding out

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They were a mile away from their car

And of course, some straight white male takes interest in the two girls after realizing they've snuck in the back of his truck.

Kehlani hops back in the truck with the scumbag driver, but Hayley refuses

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Why do men have to be gross at everything? But this is literally what gay women face anytime a guy witnesses a glimpse of lesbianism. Yuck!

So Hayley hitches her way back on the road

How could Kehlani leave her love alone in the middle of nowhere?! What the fuck is that, my dude?

…Until Kehlani comes running back!

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This is so typical, but I still love it.

And boom! F I R E W O R K S

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My heart

I have a feeling we'll all be streaming the whole thing at least 27 more times before google searching if the two are a real item.

Once it got in the hands of good 'ol Twitter, people were freaking out

My best guess is that people were most likely flipping out over it because the video is probably the closest any musician's ever gotten to representing lesbian love with accuracy.

It also doesn't hurt that the stars of the video are actually playing themselves, and both women have identified as part of the LGBTQ community.

Nuff of that though! Come watch (and rewatch) the full video here

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