Those nerds at Apple are FINALLY giving us a group FaceTime feature


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Those nerds at Apple are FINALLY giving us a group FaceTime feature

Longer battery life next, pls

Huge news for people with more than one friend! After years of begging Apple to give decent and sensible phone features like non-frayed charging cords and batteries that don't explode and only getting the Apple Pencil for our efforts, those nerds are finally giving us something we actual want: group FaceTime.

At Apple's most recent product unveiling or whatever it is (I refuse to Google this — it's just not knowledge I'm interested in storing in my brain because it's too full with Will.i.Am's verse in Fergalicious playing on a loop), one of their top tech guys (again, I can't know who it is because I only have room for Angelina Jolie's kid's names) announced they're rolling out a feature that will allow users to FaceTime up to 32 people at once!

It's part of iOS 12, which doesn't have a set release day yet. But it does come with lots of other new updates, like an Apple version of Bitmoji and "a series of tools to combat tech addiction and "fear of missing out." Is it just a pop-up that says "Put the phone down and go outside, fuckhead?" Maybe they mean the group FaceTime feature to be the thing helping with FOMO? Like, if you don't feel like going to a party but want to not feel like curbside roadkill, you can just video call everyone you've ever met at once from the toilet?

I don't even think I know 32 people! But if I ever get the urge to FaceTime every kid from my remedial Algebra class at once, it's nice to know I have the option.

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