Your weekly horoscopes are here, and they’re ALL about your summer crush


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and they’re ALL about your summer crush

It’s gonna be an emo week

The stars are aligning to get us all super fucked up this week. Venus the love planet is in Leo, making us proud and loud about our feelings. At the same time, Mercury, the mind planet, is in Cancer to soften our logic and strengthen our emotions.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm scared. Here's what all this planet transition means for you, and how your sign is dealing with the emotional cyclone heading your way.


Aries, you're always a bit brash with how you feel. But this week, you need to be extra careful with your words. Your emotions will be running higher than usual with Mercury in Cancer, and you don't want to say something you don't mean in the heat of the moment. Take a lot of time to cool down when someone inevitably pisses you off this week. And if it's your heart that needs to cool down? Remember that being too forward never really works well. Give your crush some space to reciprocate before you pour it all out to them.


Taurus is one of the most romantic signs. You value the finer things in life, and would much rather go for a nice dinner date than stay in. Lucky for you, with Venus in Leo, everyone is feeling extra romantic. Take this week to propose a hot date to your boo or to hint to your crush that you guys should hang out under the stars this weekend. Take romance into your own hands and you can never fail. And if there's no one special in your life right now? Treat yourself to a romantic night for one. You can NEVER take too many bubble baths.


With Mercury in Cancer this week, logic is be softened — so you'll be thinking more with your heart than with your head, and that can be a huge issue for you, Gemini. You often don't know exactly WHAT you want out of a situation, especially when it comes to love. And this week is no time to try to make that decision. Spend this week taking things slow, even if you want to put the peddle to the metal. And if you INSIST on making a move, make sure you check every action by at least three friends before you pull the trigger.


You probably didn't think you could take any more hits to the heart this month, but I'm letting you know that you can push through this week. Everything you face this week will seem personal, but I promise it's all in your head. Give everyone around you the benefit of the doubt — work hard to trust the new love in your life — and I promise things will work out. Not everything has to do with you, and not everything is your fault. Trust fate.


Venus in Leo is the perfect time for you to make your move. Whether it's DMing your Instagram crush or finally saying yes to that guy in Summer school, now is the best time to hop into a new summer fling. You're charming, you're flirty, and Venus in Leo has your back. Everyone is feeling a little more romantic this week. Shoot your shot.


Virgo, you're usually caught up in the details. But with Mercury in Cancer, you're going to feel this need to cut loose this week, and there will be plenty of people who help you to do so. Do something a little risky. Hang out with your wildest friend. Skip class, chase down that guy, have the best sex you've had this summer. This week is all about your inner ego. And the memories will be worth the insane hangover you'll have next Monday.


You like to go with the flow. You like to keep things casual and you like to keep everyone at arms length. But with Venus in Leo this week, your summer love is going to heat up. And sadly, Libra, you'll have to make a decision: Are you going to commit to going all in? Or are you going to keep your distance? No one can decide for you, but it's definitely worth talking it out. With Mercury in Cancer, you're extra expressive. Use that to your benefit.


Scorpio, you're so used to being saucy that it's your second nature. And this week, with Venus in Leo, you can channel your flirtatious nature into landing your crush. They're feeling a little flirty too, and now is the perfect time to knock on that door. Use your God-given charm and you can't go wrong.


Sagittarius, one of your favorite parts of life is exploring your heart. You love getting to know — and fall in love with — people. This week starts a summer of exploring love. With Venus in Leo, someone is going to be loud about their real feelings for you. Take time to really feel the experience, and express how you feel. Mercury in Cancer will make you in-tune with your communication skills. Feel this out and hold on to the memories. They'll be fond ones in a few years.


Capricorns aren't great at expressing themselves, but this week a serious conversation is going to come up with someone you love. Luckily, Mercury in Cancer is here to help. Your typically hyper-analytical brain will be softened a bit and your emotions will be flowing free. Be honest and be yourself. I promise they'll appreciate it.


Aquarius, your nerves will feel live-wire this week. With Mercury in Cancer making you extra emotional, be sure to take it slow. Everything will feel personal, but give your friends the benefit of the doubt. No one means to hurt you. With Leo in Venus, you might feel the need to be really forward about how you're feeling. And that's a great thing. You don't talk about yourself enough. Just be sure you have someone there in case those conversations don't go your way.


You're a hopeless romantic, and Venus in Leo will just make you want to channel your passion for love into your latest partner. Take this as a sign that you should do something nice for your Significant Other or your crush this week. They're really going to appreciate it. And if you haven't bagged your summer love just yet, this act of kindness will set you apart for the other girls they're interest in. Thank me later.