Girls gave us their best dating app strategies…and their minds are TOO powerful


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Girls gave us their best dating app strategies…and their minds are TOO powerful

Tips for scoring hookups and relationships

I knoooow it's no longer cuffing season, but sometimes a June-August boo is the answer to your summertime sadness. While clearly the easiest way to meet potential bæs, we all know dating apps can be a fucking minefield. I sought out the best dating profile tips from some of our babe fans, from how to score a hookup that night to making a meaningful connection and cultivate an actual relationship. I know, I know.

'Keep it simple' – Darlene

"Normal pics, maybe a super funny meme and something simple in the bio. My dude's friends told me guys don't read that stuff until they match with someone and a conversation actually starts."

'Resist swiping on friends you have in common' – Karina

"I guess I just post different stuff on there and it's weird because once this dude I didn't swipe right on went and added me on Facebook telling me he saw me on Tinder . And I don't know, the appeal in someone completely new and unattached is always nice."

'Be ruthless with unmatching' – Taylor

"I'm super tight on the age restriction. And if they don't message you within a day of matching, then unmatch them—no one has time for that stuff. I had Tinder for 2 weeks before I met my boyfried (not online), and never met anyone off there. However, I did match with heaps of dudes who spent a good amount of time actually being pretty funny and were super friendly."

'Use Snapchat to find out his information' – Amanda

"If you match with a guy and hit it off but want to creep on his social to make sure he's normal, here's how you can find out his last name/social media handles. Save his number as a contact in your phone, then hop on over to Snapchat. There will be a 'Quick Add' list displayed on the app that shows you contacts you have yet to add in Snapchat. It'll display his Snapchat name, which usually either someone's full name or the same joke handle they use for other profiles. Bam! Creep City, population: You."

'Be a female fuckboi' – Jennie

"My bio on Tinder says 'I'm the female equivalent of a fuckboi. You're not gonna wanna get to know me.' Also, my anthem is 'Let's Fuck' by Dwarves. I have never gotten superliked as many times."

'I think it’s best to put out a motive' – Margarette

"I got the most matches when my bio said something like 'let’s get fucked up' or 'just looking to smoke and party'. For example, last summer I put in my bio that I wanted someone to take me on a motorcycle ride and I got to go on one. Like, figure out what you’re trying to get from hanging out with the guys so it doesn’t always lead to them suggesting you come over ? "

'Don't even bother swiping on all group photos' – Shauna

"It's my biggest dating app pet peeve. How am I (or anyone) supposed to know who I'm speaking to? It's like the best way to get away with Catfishing someone because if I ask for a pic, I come off as shallow. Don't waste your time matching with someone just to play Where's Waldo by yourself."

'Be a little vulnerable' – Hayley

"I hate taking pictures of myself, so in my bio I put 'all of these pictures are drunk selfies' or something like that. I got so many guys asking me to let them take me out to take another drunk selfie with them. Funnily enough, I met my boyfriend from that bio and he doesn’t even drink."

'Don't be afraid to message first' – Georgia

"Messaging someone else first shows you're genuinely into them. Also, depending on if their response shows you've stroked their ego too much, you should unmatch and move on. The internet is where our attention spans are a lot shorter, so there's even less time to leave a good impression.

'Disclose who you really are'- Sara

"My bio consists of mostly selfies and a couple full body shots. My bio contains a couple interests, my star sign and Myers Briggs type. I also add a disclaimer that the kids I’m holding in two of my pics aren’t mine."

'Ditch the guys with lists' -Lena

"As far as no-no’s go, Snapchat filter pics are a huge turn-off. I also hate those 'don’t waste my time' statements in bios or some that are like 'if you’re just going to say hey, swipe left.' Usually for a first message (specific to Bumble), I’ll try to tie something in from the dude’s bio in a witty way or if I can’t think of anything, I’ll just say 'Hey babe, heading to Target. Need anything?' Works like a charm."

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