CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been dating wayyy longer than you think


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CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been dating wayyy longer than you think

And probably while Ariana was dating Mac ?

I know all of you guys have been following this Ariana Grande engagement, because in 2018, no one can keep to their DAMN selves. Her and Pete allegedly told People last weekend that they're engaged, and Ariana's been wearing a massive rock valued almost $100,000 since June 2nd.

For all us stans, this was obviously a shock. The couple only confirmed their relationship on social media on May 16th, meaning they got engaged just three weeks after they "officially" started dating. Since the ring took two weeks to make, Pete must have jumped the gun REALLY quick.

But there's a new SHOCKING conspiracy theory that Ariana and Pete have been dating longer (although not much longer).

Refinery29 has found evidence that Pete was referencing an engagement at a show her performed on April 21st. He apparently said he was dating the girl he was going to marry, and everyone at the time thought he was talking about his ex-girlfriend of two years, Cazzie David.

BUT considering the couple publicly broke up less than a month later and he's recently proposed to Ariana, he was probably talking about Ari all along. That would mean they had been dating for at least a month longer than we all thought, and that their relationship might have POSSIBLY overlapped with Ariana and Mac Miller's relationship.

Don't believe this? I dug around and found some other evidence. I personally believe Pete and Cazzie broke up in February/March. They both posted super emo, and slightly sub-tweety Instagrams the entire month. Just look at these captions.

And yes, yes: Cazzie did Instagram about Pete on May 3rd, but just to say their friends. That's good enough for Refinery29, and it's good enough for me.

That break-up would allow for Ariana and Pete to start dating in April. This aligns with the other theory. But Ariana wasn't single until May 9th. We think. That's when she announced via Twitter that her and Mac had officially ended things. But wait a second. Although her initial post about Mac was kind…

…she has more recently said it was a toxic relationship she desperately needed to get out of. It kinda sounds like the perfect breeding grounds for a little affair.

And if Ari really did THAT? I fucking don't blame her. No matter when they started dating, I'm genuinely happy for Ariana and Pete. They seem joyous together, and I can't judge anyone's nuptials. Like, I've never been there! Not my business. I'm just a stan who wants the best for her queen, and who desperately wants to know how this all worked itself out. Mostly because my only life is pop music and Twitter.

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