This summer is going to be fucking wild, so we asked these girls their best ways to bounce back

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This summer is going to be fucking wild, so we asked these girls their best ways to bounce back

Give me strength

Everyone loves the summer for their own reason. Some people dream of wholesome picnics in the park. Others whisk away to white sandy beaches with glittering, crystal-clear waters. I, however, like to ensure that I am never more than 3 feet away from a gin and tonic.

This is my calling – if summer is the stage then this year is going to be my greatest performance to date. But with great power, comes great responsibility, and the mere thought of the season had me waking up every day pleading for a miracle, coz those bottomless margs aren’t going to sip themselves.

That very miracle came in the form of Care/of. All I had to do was take a short quiz telling them all about me myself and I, and they recommended the supplements I actually needed in my life.

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Then, because they are wellness angels, they sent me my own, personalized pack with everything customised to my lifestyle, like magnesium to help me sleep better – I mean who knew?!

Care/of has been a friend to me and my summer plans, helping those big weekends not feel so, well, big. Encouraged by this, we asked girls about their personal favorite “bounce back” methods to help them feel their best selves, and honestly, I’ve never been more grateful for even more help. 

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Cady, Seattle

Pho is a STAPLE in Seattle for hangovers. One large bowl of that and your hangover will be gone in no time.

Phoebe, Chicago

I always drink chocolate milk like a madwoman – it’s a remedy passed down from my dad.

Sylvia, New York  

Honeydew melon. I don’t know why, but when I am hungover I feel ‘heavy’ and this makes me feel so much better.

Louise, Bloomington

Pineapple juice all the way – it helps to replace enzymes that are depleted in your liver when you drink. It has always been a lifesaver for me.

May, Montreal

Lots of water throughout the weekend, supplements like milk thistle, a protein shake on Monday morning and a double espresso to go. Works like a charm.

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Ellie, New Jersey

I swear by water and ibuprofen before sleep, and then water and ibuprofen as soon as you wake up. Grabbing a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a kaiser roll also does the trick.

Daisy, LA

I drink a glass of soda water with angostura bitters in it before I leave the club and I’ve not died of a hangover yet.

Caroline, Brooklyn

I drink two bottles of water before I go to sleep, and in the AM I take a really, really hot shower and try to sweat some toxins out.

Sarah, Boston

When you drink, your body struggles to retain B vitamins, so I restore them with a B-Complex to help my head stop pounding. Freshly squeezed lemon in water also helps.

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Alex, Orlando

My go-to is a fix-it juice of pineapple, cucumber, apple, lemon, coconut water and activated charcoal. It works wonders.

Lucy, Phoenix 

I actually use Care/of as it stands, and my lifesaver is the Extra Batteries Quick Stick included in my pack – it gives me that additional boost I need to feel energetic and focused, I literally love it.

Heidi, Denmark

This is going to sound gross, but before going to sleep after a heavy night, I chug a massive glass of water with a bit of salt. Never woken up with a hangover thus far.

Lizzie, London

As much water as possible, and a bowl of porridge (oatmeal) either when I get back or first thing in the morning – it always helps with the nausea.

Laura, Texas

In this order: sleep, water, vitamins, CBD oil deep tissue massage, pho soup, et voila.

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