Who is Jeffree Star? Myspace’s decayed-face influencer explained


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Who is Jeffree Star? Myspace’s decayed-face influencer explained

A messy ass bitch is just the starting point

Most monstrous beings make the decision to hide away from the eye of the public, but Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, better known as Jeffree Star, is not one of those beings.

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Many know the Orange County native as an online singer, songwriter and performer during the early days of Myspace (He's an ancient bitch) who had over 25 million streams of his self-published music on the social platform. Jeffree Star's age is 32 long years, meaning he was born all the way back in 1985.

He has a racist past

Anyone's who's ever remotely even heard Star's name is probably already aware that he's used racial slurs against Black people, Mexican-Americans, Jewish people and other underrepresented groups. Jeffree Star's racist past came in the form of some pretty foul words, and has basically offends anyone that he's had online beef with as an early influencer.

Although the vulgar remarks came into internet existence over 10 years ago, Jeffree didn't have the good sense to keep his fake lips closed. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have tried to come to his rescue to rectify the insensitivities of his past, but when has Kim ever been able to level with people about race. Don't forget Kim K's cultural appropriating ass. Needless to say, in his more youthful years, Jeffree was a scumbag who, unfortunately, is still saying scumbag-like things on Twitter.

And years later, he reinvented himself as a beauty guru influencer

The decaying skeleton has always been a wearer of heavy makeup and monetized off of the $18 billion industry with his makeup line, Jeffree Star cosmetics. According to the Jeffree Star Cosmetics page, Jeffree has been gaining experience in the art of beating face since the mere age of 13.

The collection of eye and lip makeup launched in 2015 and the melting stick of butter has collected over six million followers on Instagram, over seven million YouTube subscribers and almost two million followers on Twitter. It's safe to say he's covered a lot of ground since the days of glittery Top 5 wallpapers.

Jeffree Star's Unicorn Blood lipstick is just one of many to fly off of the shelves in additon to many others. Jeffree Star's done a lot with makeup, but some of these names are even creepier than him. I have a skrong feeling he was obsessed with Marilyn Manson growing up.

Despite his success, he's still a hot mess with celebrities

Jeffree apologized for the racist remarks, but he's still burning bridges with people online. Recently, he's collaborated with other racist influencers to further promote his brand as well as gotten kicked off of Kylie Jenner's PR list for Kylie Cosmetics.

It's safe to say that no one except his cult following has really forgiven him (I sure as hell don't) since calling women "nigger bitches" and "poor Mexicans" for views on his platforms. But he strikes me as the type to do any and everything for the clout.

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