Why is everyone taking their exes back? We can blame the stars, tbh


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Why is everyone taking their exes back? We can blame the stars, tbh

Don’t let that DEVIL back in!

Something sinister is in the air. Everywhere I turn, someone is running back to a past relationship and a completely average, sometimes slightly psychopathic ex-lover. I've watched it happen on my Instagram feed, in my friend group, and alllll over TMZ. No one is safe. Even supermodels are falling prey to the evil, evil season that has us all take back our exes. Hailey Baldwin has been hanging out with Justin Bieber. Sofia Richie took back a cheating Scott Disick. Jesus, even THE Bella Hadid has been caught CANOODLING with The Weeknd.

Have you been wondering: Why do I like my ex, like, all of a sudden? Why do I want to go crawling back to his completely lacking in moisturizer and slightly under-inflated arms? Have you watched your friends go back to the Chad you don't approve of? After you TOLD that bitch? Are you a sobbing Hadid stan who realizes the sisters deserve SO much better than The Weeknd and Zayn?

Well, I have someone you can blame for all this pain and misery. Or… well, something. It's Gemini season, and that's why we're all rolling around in our past mistakes.


It should be pretty obvious. Gemini is the twin sign — a purveyor of indecision and inconsistency. So, of course, we're all feeling unsure of the decision we made about our ex. What if they're actually NOT Lucifer incarnate? What if he really DIDN'T mean it when he called me 'boring but slutty?' What if he REALLY thought chewing gum was a meaningful Christmas gift? You know, the first questions that come to mind.


But, the worst part? Gemini is also a sign of anxiety. We all feel a little more on-edge during Gemini season, especially about our social stature. Like, now is the time where you wonder if anyone REALLY loves you or if you're going to die alone. These nerves and feelings of loneliness, paired with indecision, make us super likely to take back an ex.

All I can say is yikes. I'm a strong believer in never taking back an ex, and let's be honest, most people agree with me. But I guess if you really need them to get through this Gemini season, I can't blame you. Thank God it's almost over. June 22nd, you couldn't come any sooner.

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