It looks like Bella Thorne and Mod Sun broke up


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It looks like Bella Thorne and Mod Sun broke up


Bella Thorne is always making the internet talk with her Instagram. Between her “Bitch I’m Bella Thorne” bikini pictures and her record label’s risqué ads, I’m always tuning in to get alllll of her content.

Sexy ass (this isn’t me heheh)

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Of course, over my years of casual internet stalking, I’ve seen tons of stuff about her and her boyfriend, Mod Sun — a rapper who calls himself “The Happy Hippie” and records Hippie Hop.


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Naturally, like any fan girl, I’ve become pretty obsessed with their relationship. That’s why I am absolutely HEARTBROKEN to report that I fear the couple has broken up. Why? Bella posted a picture of her kissing Tana Mongeau in Hawaii yesterday. And while normally I would say this is just her and Tana up to their normal antics, I fear there is further evidence Bella and Mod Sun are no more.

My sweet girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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The couple hasn’t posted pictures together in a pretty long time. And while they’ve both posted promo pics for Mod Sun’s new song, Runaway, their captions have been pretty sterile. Mod doesn’t even thank Bella first, and it’s her record label.

“Runaway” (produced by me) out now link in bio ⭐️ WHATS UR FAVORITE LYRIC in the comments + please share this song with everyone u know today “When everything seems lonely + I’m feelin out of place I go to my favorite restaurant + let a newspaper hide my face + I runaway I order myself a coffee even tho I hate the taste So I pour some whiskey in it + get drunk in a public place + I runaway As the morning becomes afternoon + the drugs start to fade Instead of be a human + face all the choices that I made I’d rather runaway Yeah I’m gettin older I should probably start thinking bout my health Try to talk to the man in the mirror but he’s never any help He just runs away I’m starting to lose it Starting to lose myself When everyone is soft asleep I’m alone with my best friends Cuz all I ever needed was the voice inside my head But I runaway One day I’ll be gone + all you’ll have is the words I said that’s why I stay awake at night everytime I look at my bed I just runaway I’m starting to love myself.” huge thanks to @forgetbrennan @bellathorne @ffrecords @jenergizerr @chasegrizzly @irvgotti187 + all of u

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And based on their Instagram stories, they weren’t together for the release.

Let’s runaway Link in my bio @ffrecords

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I don’t know you guys, it seems a little suspect. I mean, there’s a chance I’m wrong and her and Tana were just swapping spit for funsies. They’ve done it before. But there’s also a chance the girls’ on-again, off-again relationship has turned into the real deal.

Either way, I guarantee Bella and Mod Sun will stay best friends. I mean, he is totally signed to her label and she needs SOMEONE to mellow her out. And you think Tana Mongeau is capable of that?

hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha i am so sorry if you follow me

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There’s no fucking way.

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