I hate my dad! Here’s how to deal with your dad being a dick


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I hate my dad! Here’s how to deal with your dad being a dick

Not all dads are cool!

Are you always stressed, annoyed, or just plain furious because you spend most of your time at home thinking: "OH MY GOD I HATE MY DAD!" Well, don't worry. You aren't alone. A lot of people hate their parents, and sometimes for good reason. Some dads are manipulative, annoying, or just plain mean. Honestly, hating your dad is totally normal. Everyone is annoyed with everyone in their life sometimes.

BUT, if your dad is being more than overbearing or annoying, read further to determine if his actions are abuse. If they are, seek help immediately.

Here's how you can deal with realizing 'I hate my dad.'

Try to figure out WHY you find yourself saying 'I hate my dad'

Is it something specific he says or does that makes you hate him? Is it a pattern of behavior that you find inappropriate, annoying, or mean? Try to figure out exactly why you dislike your dad right now. Do you think he might be abusive? Here is how to pinpoint if it’s something serious like physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

If you can, try to tell him why you're annoyed or frustrated with him

The best way to handle a conflict? Just talking it out. Who knows? Maybe whatever he's doing to annoy you can be stopped with just one simple conversation. Don't be disrespectful, but have an adult conversation with him. He loves you, and he’ll understand that people get frustrated with each other.

If your dad is abusing you, find professional help with these resources

There are lots of organizations out there that help kids and teens who are being abused at home. One helpful resource is the Domestic Violence Hotline, which has a phone hotline and an online chat available 24/7.

If he's not abusing you, but you still don't feel cool talking to him, take time to cool yourself down

Chances are, you are both going to get over whatever just happened really quick. Or even if he did something that's going to keep you mad for quiteeee a while, you're going to feel less heated about it soon. Try to spend time alone to de-stress rather than worrying about whatever your dad is doing to piss you off. Meditation, writing down your thoughts, or exercising are private ways to get your mind off whatever is bothering you.

And remember, you can always talk to people in your life about what's up at home

It sounds disgusting, but the people in your life really care about you. If things are going bad with your dad and you’re too worried about talking with him, you can always vent to your friends or your significant other instead. You aren't bothering them. I promise.

And if you find yourself in a dangerous situation with your father, try to talk to a professional about what's going on.

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