Your weekly love horoscopes are here, and you-know-who is definitely going to reach out


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Your weekly love horoscopes are here, and you-know-who is definitely going to reach out

Man your battle stations

This week, Venus will conjunct North Node over the course of Monday and Tuesday, before moving to oppose Mars on Wednesday. What this means is conversations will lead to passion, and this passion will lead to some really heightened sexual desires on both ends…


If you’re afraid to feel lucky in love, it’s because you’ve already been burned so many times before. For someone so young, you’ve seen your fair share of shit — but what nobody's told you is it's all going to be worth it. It’s like when you have to wait a really long time for your meal at a restaurant. It always tastes better for some reason, you know? This week, as Venus conjuncts North Node, you'll find yourself feeling lucky. Trust this feeling instead of shutting it down.


Do you ever feel like you can’t tell someone how you really feel about them? Like, you put up a front instead of being honest because you know that honesty might end up scaring them away? As Venus conjuncts North Node early this week, you may feel especially walled-off but it’s actually the ideal time for reaching out and expressing unsaid things. Sometimes it’s okay to make the first move. Sometimes….


Look, your high energy this week will need other forms of release besides sex. I know it’s tempting to turn to physical "activities" to blow off steam or frustrations about other things but in one way or another, it always leaves you feeling empty af. There’s nothing more tempting than using the temporary closeness of another person to feel okay about something but even if you’re fucking married, that person can’t be your life vest forever. You’re going to need to figure this one out on your own.


Cancers are some of the best friends anyone will ever have — loyal to a fault, loving to no end — but you aren’t that great at letting those people know they are loved. You text them here and there, sure, but you spend a lot of time with your thoughts, and not a lot of time expressing them. Early this week is a great time for you to express these things. Invite people over for dinner, or arrange a drinks night. You need a support system right now, and you already have one. All you need to do is tap into it.


Your admirers really notice how attractive you are this week, which is perfect timing because you needed a confidence boost. Even though Leos are known as the most egotistical sign, that’s just a front you put on — you’re an insecure mess on the inside just like the rest of us. Maybe even worse. After all, you know what they say about overcompensating. As Venus moves to oppose Mars on Wednesday, there’ll be an increase in your sexual tension and physical desires. Get out there and remember how hot you are, okay?


Early this week, it’ll be good for you to be open to love and where it might lead you, even if it isn’t exactly with the person it’s supposed to be with. Our hearts are wild creatures, and it is not human to expect to be able to control yours all the time. Midweek, this already-tense relationship could see tempers boil over. But that’s because you both know you’re playing down something that might be real. Take it easy on them.


Even if you're single, your increased desires midweek will need to be kept in check because of your tendency to get attracted to people who are not at all compatible with you. It’s okay to be turned on by bad behaviors, but it's when you come to expect them in everyday life that you know you really have an issue. If someone is being a little bitch, let them know they’re being a little bitch. And let them know you’re really serious this time.


Sometimes timing isn't magic. Sometimes you need to go way out of your way to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time. Whatever — whoever — it is you’re looking for is out there, but you aren’t going to find what you’re looking for sitting on your couch with a bag of Cheetos and your ex’s Netflix password. Success comes to those who seek it. So this week, as Venus conjuncts North Node, find it yourself. There is truly no better time.


If you're a naturally submissive person in any way, you’ll want to be super careful to avoid falling prey to overly aggressive types this week. This means avoid people who are typically confrontational, avoid anyone you know you usually end up frustrated with, and definitely avoid anyone who puts your emotions on edge. Your shell isn’t as hard as it usually is, and just one wrong comment from someone could set you off in a way it typically wouldn’t. Don't even give them the chance.


This week is a good time for you to make space for friends and take some time away from love. It isn’t that you aren’t allowed to think about it or chat to them but tbh, you’ve been a little distant lately and your stupid heart is the only one to blame. We all get distracted now and again but as Venus conjuncts North Node early this week, you really need to stop ignoring your friends. They aren't going to wait on you forever.


You’re sweet like molasses this week. Open and friendly, and people can’t really seem to get enough of it. But when one person is sweet, there are others waiting in the wings to take advantage. It’s good to be good, but adding a little bite wouldn’t kill you. You don’t have to be mean but there's a very large gap between being mean and letting people walk all over you. You’re allowed to know what you deserve.


No offense, but you put sooooo much time and energy into the way you look. You’re basically thinking about it 24/7, even though you’re constantly joking about how you haven’t showered in 5 days and how your life is a mess. We all know you fucking shower… BUT this week, you’re luck. All that time and money you’ve been putting in might pay off when the right person notices. FINALLY.