Ready to lower your self-esteem some more? Here’s every Amber Rose nude pic


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Ready to lower your self-esteem some more? Here’s every Amber Rose nude pic

She’s serving bawdy all day

Before Amber Rose nude pics made headlines, she was making it rain as an exotic dance in the club. Seeing Amber Rose nude is not exactly a new thing seeing as Amber Rose's sexy body has been the former dancer's bread and butter for ages.

She's made the one night stand walk of shame a trend to embrace, she helped women take back the power of being a slut in Amber Rose's signature Slut Walk, — d to make matters even better, there's still an Amber Rose sex tape roaming around the web. Despite still being known as Kanye West's ex and Wiz Khalifa's baby mama, she's branched out on her own to make women look strong, badass and sexy. That reminds me, here's the best of her nude photos. Enjoy!

Any promo regarding her slutwalk is a going to be HOT!

Amber Rose has made it a point to celebrate your natural body type. She calls anyone out on their bullshit for slut-shaming women, fully accepts, and more importantly, enjoys being a hoe to inspire women to learn how to enjoy sex and themselves.

For editorial photoshoots

Fashion Nova x Amber Rose Collection Drops Tmrw!!!! ?????????? @fashionnova

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At first, a lot of people didn't take Amber seriously as she was labeled as someone else's girlfriend or incubator for a rapper, but she's proven how to be an entrepreneur regardless of gender.

It's also no secret that she's one of the main fashion influencers to have linked up with brands to promote their tight and sexy clothing to fit an Amber Rose body.

Or simply just for her Instagram because she knows she's a hot MILF

Muva is who I consider to be one of the hottest MILFS of this century. What makes her such an icon besides being sexy is that she's one of few women in media who is able to exude confidence so damn well. In all honesty, she makes her own news and decides what is or isn't cool with no shame in how she presents it to the public eye. That's a boss and you can fight me if you think otherwise.

WCW ?? #amberrose #amber #womancrushwedensday #WCW

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Even though I wish Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were still an item, I think they make it work well for the sake of their son, Bash. I know one thing, Amber is teaching her son all sorts of lessons on how to treach women, and I could think of no better woman to do the job.

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