This girl drinks her dog’s piss to ‘completely cure’ her acne….


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This girl drinks her dog’s piss to ‘completely cure’ her acne….

On today’s episode of White People Are At It Again

Look, I hate breakouts. We all do! I've currently got a small but painful zit on my fucking eye socket and I'd voluntarily give up oral sex (receiving not giving, duh) for a year for it to vanish right now.

But, uh, I think I'd rather have breakouts than use this girl's all-natural (???) remedy. The girl, unnamed and from an unknown location, is going viral for a video in which she claims drinking her dog's pee by the cupful is the secret to perfect skin and…a cancer-free body?

In the video, she says people often ask her how she "always looks so good, how my makeup always looks so perfect or how I always have this natural glow." First of all, no they don't. Second, I don't give a fuck if her "secret" is going to make me into a post-nose job Bella Hadid (second nose job, obvs). Her next step can only be described as caucasity.

She orders her dog to pee in the cup she's holding — which tbh is honestly the most impressive part of this whole thing. Like a dog that pees on command at not at the most inopportune moment possible? Witchcraft!

Next thing you know, homegirl is downing piss like it's lemonade (Copyright Beyonce Giselle Carter-Knowles 2016) on a hot day in the summer. Not to sicken y'all, but she clearly enjoys it based on how slooooowly she's sipping. As much as I love scouring YouTube for beauty hacks, I'm repulsed to my core. This some whypipo shit.