If you’re bored while masturbating, you probably don’t know how to finger yourself


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If you’re bored while masturbating, you probably don’t know how to finger yourself

You look like you’re new to this

As a woman, it's no secret that for many of us, having an orgasm seems to be almost impossible when we put others in charge to take control of clicking the kitty, but that's because you don't know how to finger yourself properly. On those late nights when you're piloting your pleasure, vibrators can be too much to handle and you need something simple, so here's a guide on how to finger yourself, so you can finally doze off to sleep.

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Make sure everything's clean

You may not remember where your hands have been that day…or the last time you washed up. This is the one step where you should keep it clean, but the rest of your masturbation routine is fair game.

Taking a long hot shower beforehand will help set the mood for what you're about to get into and I highly recommend that when you come out of the shower, to stay wet and steamy. That way, you won't have to rely so much on pressing the spacebar to pause/play watching your go-to porn for guidance.

Find somewhere comfy to perform

Location, location, location! There's nothing worse than your ass pressing into the hardwood floor and all your focus is taken away from the woman downstairs. Choosing a comfortable place to masturbate is one of the most basic rules of fingering for you to reach your high.

Sure, the bed is so typical, but if you take fingering yourself seriously, then think about investing in an ottoman or a beanbag chair. Every woman with these furnishings are able to easily reach down and play hard. You'll be able to spread those thighs far and wide.

Now start flicking that baby

I know you're eager, but don't immediately go for the hole in one. The clitoris is one of the most sensitive spots on your whole body, so use it wisely. I like to think of rubbing one out is like defrosting a pizza in a mircrowave. It's not fully ready to eat, so you're gonna warm it up a lil bit first.

Don't let this be your entire routine, otherwise you'll tire of the routine. Sometimes, you should even think about torturing yourself sexually. Play with it until your close, then retreat those hands somewhere else. Sounds, rough, I know, but if you're trying to drag this out, there's no other way my horny friend.

Start with inserting two fingers

I'll be real with you, one finger isn't going to do shit for you to understand how to masturbate. Throw those suckers down the hole and get to thrusting, you nasty girl. You know better than to jackhammer your own vagina, so pace yourself as you move along.

Two fingers is usually just the right amount of thickness to offer you the same amount of satisfaction as an average-size dongle. But in case you're feeling really ambitious, then throw a third, maybe a fourth. Shit, toss your whole damn fist in there if you're feeling like a champ. I'm cheering you on right now as you're finishing. You go Glen Cocoa!

Switch up the rhythm

The thing about learning how to finger yourself good is that you never want to stay in the same place. Give in to your rythmic abilities and change the tempo of your hand. Regular sex is dull because it becomes clear by his movements that he's in it (and in you) to please himself.

Alternate hands, too if you find you're losing momentum on your dominant hand. If you get really good at the fingering game, train your less dominant hand to get into the groove of how to get off.

Change positions for better access

Staying in one place for too long won't do anything for you to make the nookie a happy gal. Steer away from remaining in the standard "starfish" position, turn over into doggy and reach underneath to get a new and exciting angle for your bussy (that's bare pussy).

Not only will trying a new angle help stimulate the bud below, but you might just discover new sex positions in the process. Happy flicking, ladies!

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