How to get more likes on Instagram


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How to get more likes on Instagram

You know, the natural way

Are you wondering: "Oh my God, I wonder how to get more likes on Instagram?" or "How do I get more likes on Instagram for free?" I get you: You're trying to get Insta famous. Or, or, or… you're at least trying to flex on your ex by getting tons of likes on your selfies. Either way, you need more likes and you need them FAST. And you're broke, so you need them free too. Not to fear, there are guaranteed ways to get more Instagram likes on your posts without downloading a shady app or pouring your money into some service that hires robots to like your shit. Here's how to get more likes on Instagram completely au naturale.

Learn to cheat the algorithm

What time you post — and how often you like and comment on photos — affects how many people see your photos. Here's a guide to the Instagram algorithm that will help you strategically plan how to get max likes.

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Use 'cool girl' editing tools

No one uses the pre-programmed Instagram filters anymore. In 2018, other editing tools are popular to produce photos worth liking. There are the classics — like Facetune — but there's lots of new apps on the block you need to download RN.

Now, you can add fun effects to your photos — from glitter to 3D filters. One of the most popular effects? The 'old photo' effect you've seen all over the Kardashians' Instagrams.

Post sexy photos or thirst traps

Your sexy content is more likely to be liked, saved, and screenshotted than any old pic because its so out of the ordinary. Get out of your comfort zone and post some thirst traps. Save your everyday pictures of you and a group of friends for Facebook.

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How do you take a sexy picture? Take a look at some celebrity feeds for inspiration, then choose a sexy pose and get going.

Wear trendy clothes

Instagram is all about being aspirational. Everyone is looking for the clothes they want to wear, the products they want to buy, and the people they want to look like. You can get more likes by making your look something people want to save for inspiration.

If you need some inspiration for trendy outfits, don't worry. babe's got your back. Here are some 2018 trends you can follow to get those likes you want so bad. Just be sure not to break the bank.

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