babe’s best friend quiz: Is she your best friend?


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babe’s best friend quiz: Is she your best friend?

Only the quiz knows!

When I think of my best friend, my heart fills with fluffy clouds and butterflies and memories of her holding my hair back after I have one too many tequila shots. But sometimes she makes me mad or forgets my favorite color, and I’m like “BITCH! Are you really my best friend? Do you even CARE about me?" Whether you just met your suspected best friend for life or you’re trying to find out if your best friend is REALLY your bestie, here’s a best friend quiz that will tell you if it’s real.

But just a warning, you’ll probably want to call her after this if she’s not sitting right next to you like a freaking vulture. Yeah, I see y’all, looking all cute together and stuff. Here’s our best friend quiz. It's completely scientific and 100% accurate. I'm an online content scientist.

See, don’t you feel better now that we’ve determined y’all's relationship? Or do you still not feel validated? Maybe you should talk to a therapist about all this. Lol. She’s probably told you that, huh?

You could also try some of these quizzes, if you really need to. You might not trust me… and I kind of understand. I mean, I work at I know you're going to go right to Buzzfeed after this anyway to take one of those dumb quizzes, I'm not tricking myself.

So, here's Buzzfeed's best friend quiz, you ungrateful bitch. This is the last time I make YOU a quiz. Anything they can do, I can do better

And here's a random best friend quiz I found on the internet… you're welcome. It looks pretty fun. I definitely sent it to my best friend while I was supposed to be working. A typical day!

If you're super, super dedicated, here's a best friend quiz APP I found on the Apple Store. If you have an Android, you should probably kill yourself. Just kidding! Just kidding

And here's one last quiz if those other ones don't live up to your standards. I don't know why you'd like this one better, I'm just trying to give you options. Kind of like when you let that guy who doesn't want to date fuck you. It's a last resort, really.

Have fun, best friends! If you're at a sleepover right now filling these out, I'm so jealous! Y'all are so cute. I love you almost as much as I love my best friend — and that's a lot. Stay safe tonight! Don't go steal Tommy's underwear. DO watch every scary movie you can find on Netflix. DO NOT make out with each other. It will just make things weird. Xoxoxo.

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