Funny memes for when you realize the world sucks and you need to be saved


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Funny memes for when you realize the world sucks and you need to be saved

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Listen, I get it: The world sucks. There are people out there DYING everyday. Mondays exist. There’s a whole part of America that thinks the Earth is flat. People use the internet to troll each other. Really, the list of evils we face just goes on into infinity. But there’s one thing wholesome about our planet, and it’s what keeps me going everyday: Funny memes.

Memes really make the world go ‘round. In a world where we fight about every goddamn thing, I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t LOVE to receive a meme in their messages. Like, even my GRANDPARENTS like memes. Granted, they’re about 10 years behind on meme canon and they like memes that are Jesus-oriented, but STILL. Memes are the great purveyors of peace.

We’ve collected the funniest memes of all time into one place. A walk down meme memory lane, if you will. So if you really needed some funny memes today, here are the best of the best:

Art History Memes

Classic Art Memes came on the scene when people on Twitter realized Picasso knows way more about modern suffering than we give him credit for. The results were incredible.


If you've seen 'Hotline Bling,' this meme looks familiar. Drake trying to make decisions? The man who wrote Marvin's Room? Nothing could be funnier.

You’re doing amazing, sweetie

The most iconic meme of the most iconic family of all time. Kris knows when something is good, even when it's a weird tweet or a funny headline.

Evil Kermit

Your internal self making TERRIBLE decisions? Nothing is more relatable. BRB while I drink myself to death during the daytime while looking at memes to feel less depressed.

Spongebob memes

The show that's been capturing our hearts since the end of Gen X has become 2018's biggest meme. Whether it's creepy Patrick or Spongebob with no pants, you've seen Spongebob on your TLs.

Change my mind

Once a protestor told us to change his mind on misogyny, so we made him into a meme. Laughs ensued.

Galaxy brain

What's better than a big brain? A galaxy brain. This INSANE photoshop meme will make you feel like you're high while also reminding you that classical irony has not been lost in the disgusting world of too-real humor.

Label memes

These memes are so simple, they're too complicated to explain. Just take a look. You're smart. You'll get it.

Dat boi

It's a fucking frog on a unicycle. I don't know what else to say.

Walmart yodel boy

You've definitely heard of the boy who yodeled in Walmart. You've (hopefully) heard the EDM remix of his original artistry. But have you seen the memes that etched him into meme history? Now you have.

FBI agent memes

Recently, the entire world has realized someone is definitely totally listening to us through our computers. How else are these social media algorithms so fucking spot on? And so, the FBI agent meme was born. The one where there's an FBI agent assigned to your internet history. It's great. Top 10 of all time.

Is this a pigeon?

If you've been on the internet this year, you've seen this meme. You didn't know it's name, but it's taught you a LOT about society. Fuck. This meme is more woke than half the people I know.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to send this entire list to my friends and family so they know I love them. How else are we supposed to connect to others in 2018?

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