The people want to know: What is bussy?


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The people want to know: What is bussy?

Time to finally put the questions to rest

Okay, so by reading this you already know that something called "bussy" exists in the world and is probably going to hint at some sex-related content. And you'd guess right because bussy is aaaallll about sexy tings. You've seen the world use the term throughout your Twitter feed and maybe your best friend has let the word slip over a glass of Bellinis at brunch, but you're still left wondering, what the fuck is bussy?

The first definition comes from the man hole

After consulting the reliable Urban Dictionary, made by and for girls and gays, it is described as Boy-Pussy for your gay male friend to use at their will. The word is best used to describe anything that would replace pussy, but for my LGBTQ+ fam. "He can get this bussy anyday", "suck my bussy" and "bussy ass bitch" are just a few ways the term can be used. But honestly, if I were a homosexual man, I'd have probably used every sentence combination at this tender point in my life.

Oh, but wait! There's another definition

Bussy is also a term used to "Bop your bussy" in reference to sick tunes. Look back at all of the times you used other (shittier) descriptors for your enjoyment of a good beat. When The Carters' surprise album dropped, most reactions encompassed some very unimaginative phrases like "This song bangs" or "'BOSS' is poppin". However, to bop your bussy means so much more than just listening to something.

Bopping your bussy means you also probably go ham in the club. You're the farthest thing from a wallflower if you're a person who bops your bussy. Once you claim the term, it means you go for it all when it comes to you and your dance moves. Those who bop a bussy in da club are either voguing or strutting and you end your dance break with the death drop. Like I said, bopping your bussy is only for brave souls only.

Despite the fact that I'm a girl, I use bussy all the time and you should to. Greet people, preferably people you know, with your bussy. Tough women like me use bussy because it's a friendly reminder to myself that I can't be fucked with. "If you mess with this bussy, your ass is mine" or "I'll slay you with this bussy that I know you ain't ready for" are ways that I, a woman, use the bussy term on a daily basis if and when someone tries to come for me when sliding in my DMs.

If you really think you're ready to join the bussy crew gang, use it in passing during your next date night. You'll at least know who's a true bussy member when they don't stop you mid-sentence to ask what it means.

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