We don’t really care if you can see nipples through our clothes


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We don’t really care if you can see nipples through our clothes

Suck it up! Everyone’s got ’em

What’s even more annoying than being reminded your bra strap is showing is getting rid of the bra altogether and still having people bitch at you for having your nipples showing through shirts. It’s like we take a slight step back from freeing the nipple and even take on preventative measures for how to stop your nipples from showing through a shirt, but no matter what brand of pasties you use, a cold day won’t stop that breast boner from pitching a tent in your top. But I’m fed up with the complaints you should be too.

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Like, fuck that. Fuck everything about that.

I can’t stand when people have to make it a point that you’ve gone braless for a day. It’s like they’ve never had the time to take off their own shirt, looked down and voila! Nipples!

There are several reasons women don’t want to wear a bra out the house. Some of us find underwire bras to be a pain in the ass, they look tacky with spaghetti strap shirts, or maybe we just don’t want an extra layer of fabric separating our tits from a basic tee because it’s just too damn hot! Regular perspiration makes us feel gross, so why add boob sweat to the list.

Lest we forget, it’s my body

It’s not mine or anyone else’s problem if your nipples poke through, it’s yours. Nipples are the things you and everybody’s mama sucked on for survival as infants, so why do we need to sexualized them in the first place? Boobs are just fat chest pieces.

Going braless just happens to be more comfortable when a part of your body isn’t being forcefully lifted and constrained by a tight cage that clips in the back. People didn’t come out the womb clothed, so naturally, we feel better without having our boobs tired down.

For most girls taking off their bra after a long day, is pretty much the equivalent of a drag queen untucking after a performance or a straight man cracking open a Corona. It’s refreshing, freeing and it makes you feel completely at ease. So why judge us for getting comfortable when that’s literally all it is. But damn all women for trying to rep what nature gave them.

Smaller boobs without bras look great too!

To the lucky A’s and B’s reading, us bigger chested chicks envy you. Sure, our bigger boobs get more attention (that we didn’t ask for btw) and fill out clothes easier, but they can be a curse in disguise, too. If you think that going braless would be a smart idea, then you don’t know how hard it really is being a girl with huge tits.

When you’re someone who’s a part of the itty bitty tittie committee, you get a pass when refusing to wear a bra. If I had the luxury of smaller tits, I wouldn’t have to worry about shirts not fitting the way they should, breaking buttons or having under boob sweat. Also, I can only dream of wearing a deep-V dress on club night, so please, wear those nipples out loud and proud for the girls who aspire to have your breats, kween!

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