YouTube star Tana Mongeau filmed herself laughing at a dead body


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YouTube star Tana Mongeau filmed herself laughing at a dead body

‘This would only happen to us’

YouTube sensation Tana Mongeau just celebrated the success of a convention held in her name called Tanacon (actually it was a gigantic sweaty failure). The internet celeb enjoys a 3.5 million following on YouTube and is fast rising into the mainstream. But did you know that she once filmed the dead body of an overdosing man for clicks?

In a video she uploaded in April 2016 called FOUND A DEAD OVERDOSED MAN (LIVE FOOTAGE): STORYTIME, she laughed at a corpse in a public bathroom. The clip is embedded below – it is pretty grim.

  • Tana says:

    "Standing there after all of this happened like, this would only happen to us. Only we would wanna have a nice beach day and then have to like, save a dead guy. You know how people always think our stories are fake or that our lives can't be this crazy or blah blah blah – we literally have one day together to do something fun and have free time and we like we literally like find a dead man and have him taken away and it was so fucking weird."

    Tana beat Logan Paul when it came to laughing about a dead person on camera. The disgraced YouTuber went to Japan and uploaded a vlog of a person who died by suicide in a forest in 2017.

    Tana's video has since been deleted.

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