Every hot guy you need to follow on Instagram IMMEDIATELY


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Every hot guy you need to follow on Instagram IMMEDIATELY

Summer is heating up

I hate that there's this idea societally that straight men are always appreciating hot girls, but girls are never eyeing hot guys. Like, no way! We're always keeping our eyes open for a new crush or at least a new fantasy. And honestly, us 21st century girls and gays are lucky as fuck. Because when we run out of hot guys in our hometown or hot guys in our classes to oogle, we have the internet. Maybe the only good to come out of Instagram, a media that just makes us SAD, is hot male Insta models. We found the hot guys of Instagram for you to follow. And trust me, there's never enough hot guy in your feed. You better follow them all.

Alex Sewall, @alex_sewall

A model AND fitness coach that looks good in a Hawaiian shirt? Sign me tf up. I don't even care that he looks like a contestant on 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

South Beach bringin’ the heat ? #frontfam ? by @christianalexanderphoto

A post shared by ALEX SEWALL (@alex_sewall) on

Oliver Cheshire, @oliver_cheshire

Look at Oliver's angelic face and tell me why you didn't start following him three years ago. Honestly, you're welcome for this one. He's a fan favorite.

Nick Bateman, @nick__bateman

Nick is a professional matchmaker and travel blogger. Basically, prime boyfriend material. Excuse me while I PUKE about someone being so perfect.

Au revoir Monaco ??

A post shared by Nick Bateman (@nick__bateman) on

Joe Weir, @_joeweir_

Joe is a Canadian with a six-pack who's always posting puppies. There's never been an Instagram account that's more attractive. This is everything we've ever needed.

Kenneth Hill, @kenhillfta

LOOK AT THIS MAN IN UNDERWEAR. That's all I'm gonna say. I'll let your eyes do the talking.

Terence Telle, @terencetelle

Terence is a fashion blogger and model who's cheekbones could slit your throat. The perfect man. Plus, this white suit? Angelic.

Tommy ?? ?? ?? @tommyhilfiger @tommyhilfigermens @lairdandpartners

A post shared by Terence Telle (@terencetelle) on

Colin Ryan, @colinrryan

Colin looks like Chris Hemsworth if he ran track and fucked supermodels instead of Miley Cyrus. Tell me I'm wrong.

Image may contain: Portrait, Person, Human, Face

Barrett Pall, @barrettpall

Barrett just wants to save the world while looking sexy. He's a self-proclaimed activist and humanitarian who writes about health and style. Adorable.

Tracksuit. ? #lacoste #tbt #ootdmen

A post shared by Barrett Pall (@barrettpall) on

Andre Hamann, @andrehamann

The big sell on Andre? His thicc tatts. And that beard? Dead. He looks like a hot tattoo artist who could fuck up your worst enemies.

Walking in Milano only in my @hoganbrand #HoganH383 #HoganJourney •ANZEIGE

A post shared by André Hamann (@andrehamann) on

Justin Livingston, @justinliv

Justin is a hot Harry Potter with hella money. Sexy as fuck.

Image may contain: Person, People, Human

Zander Hodgson, @zanderhodgson

A British model who's always wearing tracksuits? Exactly the kind of eye-candy I need, thanks!

We’re having a heatwave in the UK ??I’m not complaining! Who wants a lick? ?

A post shared by Zander Hodgson (@zanderhodgson) on

Broderick Hunter, @broderickhunter

This model has the social life of an A-lister but still wears baseball caps. Sounds like the perfect guy.

Pelayo Diaz, @princepelayo

Pelayo's got that European look, but I'm not complaining. Take me to a soccer game, daddi!

Going for my 7th week on the Spanish version of the tv show #DancingwiththeStars. I never thought I would be able to move like this. But then, after not being the cool kid at school at all, I never thought I would be doing my way in life with all of you, more than a million people. All this just to make you realise we can all achieve anything that comes our way, even if it looks hard or impossible. Nothing is imposible guys, go for it! ??? De camino a por mi 7ª gala en Bailando con las Estrellas (todos los martes a las 22:30 en La 1). Nunca pensé que fuera a poder moverme así. Y la verdad, después de nunca haber sido el niño guay del cole, nunca pensé que fuera a tener el cariño y apoyo de todas vosotras y vosotros, mas de 1 millón de personas! Lo que os quiero decir con esto es que nada es imposible, que podéis conseguir todo lo que os propongáis aunque parezca difícil o imposible! Nada es imposible, no permitáis que nadie destruya vuestro sueño! A por ello, darle caña y gracias! #bailandoconlasestrellas #bailandoconpelayo #unchiconormalqueviveunsueño

A post shared by Pelayo Díaz (@princepelayo) on

Matthew Zorpas, @matthewzorpas

Matthew runs a fashion blog and owns a LOT of nice suits. Got me thinking on all that BDSM shit, you know?

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Adam Gallagher, @iamgalla

Adam is a famous influencer who's feed might be more sexy than him. Is it normal that I'm attracted to content? Lmk.

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