Everything you need to know about the upcoming High School Musical 4


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Everything you need to know about the upcoming High School Musical 4

We’re breaking free…again!

Part of me wishes Disney would leave my beloved childhood memories alone instead of tearing them apart with reboots. And part of me is really, really happy there's still more High School Musical coming my way.

Disney Channel's beloved High School Musical franchise is back with a brand-new movie set around East High's rival school — and with an entirely new cast.

Troy, Sharpay, Gabriella, and Chad are gone

The new High School Musical movie centers around an all-new set of original characters, with plots focused around the divide between musicals and soccer instead of basketball. But "Getcha Head In The Game" is pretty universal, right?

Furthermore, according to Bustle, High School Musical 4 will be set at East High’s rival school, the aptly named West High.

Though there's no official release date set for the new High School Musical movie, fans are already psyched as hell for the reboot.

But some are annoyed that the reboot will have zero original cast member reprising the roles that made them famous.

A fake, fan-created High School Musical 4 trailer featuring the old cast has been floating around the internet for a few years, with lots of unsuspecting fans getting hyped up for something that's not even happening.

It's currently got 4 million hits and thousands of angry comments about being "tricked", but all I can say is 4 million of y'all are dumb as hell if you really think this High School Musical reunion trailer is real. I mean, look me in the eye and tell me they'd really call High School Musical 4 "Once A Wildcat." Just watch:

  • The first High School Musical films were a huge deal

    Did we know what a zeitgeist was in 2006 when this movie came out? Well creator Kenny Ortega sure as fuck did because the first High School Musical movie raked in almost 8 million viewers.

    High School Musical 2 smashed that record, and became the most watched program ever on basic cable. Naturally, the third installment in the franchise, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, was given theatrical release in 2008. It made $90 million worldwide its opening week, so I'm honestly shocked it's taken this long to get a fourth part.

    Here's what the original High School Musical cast thinks about the new movie

    Zac Efron was not in attendance for the highly publicized High School Musical reunion in 2016, but still speaks fondly of his memories from the franchise. Zac Efron even says he would be down for a High School Musical reboot if they asked him to be part of it. And honestly, what good is a reboot without a winky little cameo from an original star?

    On the opposite end of things, Ashley Tisdale, who played the sassy Sharpay Evans, said nooo fucking way when asked about being in a possible reboot of the franchise. Probably because she's got so much going on, right? Lmao. Whatever you say, girl.

    We'll update this post as more information on High School Musical 4 is released — hopefully soon.