Best friend tattoo ideas that won’t make everyone else in the group chat cringe


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Best friend tattoo ideas that won’t make everyone else in the group chat cringe

Mark your friendship forever

So… you're gonna get a matching tattoo, huh? Lots of people will tell you matching tattoos are tacky. But honestly, lots of shit we do and love is tacky. Know what's really, really tacky? Reality TV, slutty brownies, and drinking pink wine. But God damn me if I stop doing any of those things just because people are going to judge me. Personally, I think tattoos are ALWAYS a good idea. It's your body and you should do what you want with it. And if you have a best friend you love a lot, why wouldn't you just go ahead and show that off? I've collected matching best friend tattoos that aren't too cringy, but are still super cute. You know, so you have some inspiration.

Take a little peek then go to the closest parlor. You won't regret it. Or even if you do, who the fuck cares?! You only have one life, sis. Carpe diem!

You could get something teeny and cute, like these little lashes

Or something really fucking big and powerful, like these lions

You can get something super different

Or you can get something ridiculously adorable, like these lil clouds with faces…

… or these tie dye aliens!

On the other hand, you could get something more ~elevated~ like these planets

And GOD DAMN IT, you can get something basic like a fucking avocado on your arm if you want to

You could take inspo from these cool bone tattoos

Image may contain: Ankle, Tattoo, Ornament, Wrist, Hand

Or these cool antlers

If y'all are always gossiping at Starbucks, you could get a cute coffee mug

Or if you're super into being cat moms, whiskers are ALWAYS an option

Something small and sweet gets the message across…

Image may contain: Arm

…like a lil stick and poke…

Squad goals⚡️ #matchingtattoos #stickandpoke

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… or a tiny lock and key

A minimalist heart is ALWAYS a safe choice…

… as are any aquatic themed things. Just don't get an anchor, dude! You deserve better

Image may contain: Tattoo, Ornament, Wrist, Hand

You can have a matching tattoo three-way…

or four-way. I won't judge!

Matching tats and denim jackets 🖤 #squadgoals#mygirls#matchingtattoos#ytg#ytk

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Honestly, drink-themed tattoos are totally a thing

And constellation tattoos? Always in style

If you're feeling like having a laugh, you can get some dinosaurs done…

Tiny dinosaurs on the cutest sisters Zoe and Amaya 🖤

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… or do something pretty "wild"

You can celebrate paradise together

You can do get small and sweet

Matching tattoo II #matchingtattoos#goals #tattoo#simpletattoo #easy DM for credits

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Or you can get something uniquely you

Matching tattoos #matchingtattoos #bffgoals #tattoo#simple#easy DM for credits

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No matter what you decide, just fucking do it! You're only going to have one best friend, and if y'all love each other enough to get that etched in your bodies, you should just bite the bullet. Also, just imagine the Instagram likes! I'm honestly drooling right now. Do it, bitch!

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