Want to hate yourself? Here are the sexiest pictures of Dove Cameron



Want to hate yourself? Here are the sexiest pictures of Dove Cameron

Including some nudesssss 😍

Disney Channel crushes are weird crushes. The stars you found sexy when you were like, 12, are usually still sexy when they grow up. One example? Dove Cameron. The Liv & Maddie star is now 22, and she's fine as hell. You've probably seen her winning an Emmy or making out with her boyfriend at Coachella. But when she's not out there living the young starlet life we all desperately want, she's posting some sexy snap or Instagram picture. Whether she's hitting up the gym or taking a sexy selfie, here are the hottest pictures of Dove Cameron and even some Dove Cameron nudes. Yeah, we went there.

If you're into hot girls: You're welcome. But if you're into looking like hot girls… this is going to encourage you to go to the gym and get to WORK. You've been warned. This girl can do a whole-ass split.

Ok everyone… let's start off with some SEXY shots Dove posted to her Instagram

This is definitely the most skin the Disney star has ever shown off


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Apparently, the pics were originally taken for a Marc Jacobs campaign. But I don't really care what they're for — they're hot as hell

She looks like a sexy octopus, lmao

Here's Dove showing off basically everything in a revealing green dress for Kode Magazine

Look at that leg slit 😍


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And here's a naked selfie that shows off her sharp bone structure

Those collar bones could slit my throat. Terrifying.

thank u @traciemartyn for keeping my skin happy when i'm in nyc 🗽👽

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And if you've never seen Dove Cameron's chest before… take a look at this picture

I would pay GOOD MONEY to be that bikini.

Dove might not post a ton of nudes, but she does post some pretty scandalous poses

This one is seductive as fuck

my hair is naturally blue but it turns lighter blue in the sun

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She even posts some pretty scandalous pics from bed

I'd let Dove smother me with her pillow so quick

it’s the first day of spring but NOT IN NEW YORK

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And her curves? They're insane even when she's not trying

Have you ever seen a waist so snatched? I haven't.

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Now that we're getting towards the end, I'm just gonna throw this one in here for good measure

If she can do the splits… well, you know.

getting so close

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And I'll finish us up with a sexy photoshoot outtake

What can I say… titties.

outtakes 💫

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Dove Cameron is one of the hottest in the game, and the fact that she started on Disney just helps with her sexiness. She's like… the Gen Z Miley Cyrus, but way hotter. The Selena Gomez of today with a much more cut face. The Demi Lovato of modern times with blonde hair. But, you know, just don't tell them all I said that. Miley will put Chris Hemsworth on me, I just know it. Although could that pretty Australian boy even beat me in a fight?

Honestly, who knows. He isn't even the Hemsworth who's Thor, and that's all I have to say about that.

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