Kylie Jenner lives with someone else, and no, it’s not Travis Scott


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Kylie Jenner lives with someone else, and no, it’s not Travis Scott

They’re, like, separated?

I know we live in 2018, where women are free to sell their eggs, be a bachelorette for life and wear whatever they want, but I find it particularly surprising that baby mama Kylie Jenner and rapper bae Travis Scott don't actually live under the same roof as their daughter. Instead, Kylie lives with childhood gff Jordyn Woods.

that’s my best friend!!! we go legend!!!!

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In a recent Vogue makeup tutorial, she revealed that she shares a Hidden Hills mansion with her childhood friend Jordyn Woods. Weird, but also not. "I test out most of my stuff on Jordyn because we live together, so I'm like, 'Jordyn, I need you,'" she said.

It's actually pretty badass


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Kylie had a baby with her boyfriend, and so what? She has to rush her relationship with Travis Scott. The two have been dating since April 2017, but that clearly doesn't mean Kylie is pushing the pedal on how to define the relationship.

But does this mean they're still dating?

Kourtney and Scott have proved time and again that just because you have children together, doesn't mean you have to be together. The last post of them on her Instagram was back in early May for the Met Gala. Should we be worried?

As much as I thought their coupling was strange, the two have definitely grown on me, and I'd be sad to see them split. I'm still waiting for Stormi's sibling.

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