The guy who abuses his kids on camera is back on YouTube


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The guy who abuses his kids on camera is back on YouTube

Mike Martin, who was sentenced to five years for child neglect, continues to post videos bullying his kids

A YouTuber who was found guilty of child abuse for posting videos of him tormenting his kids is broadcasting on a new channel. Mike Martin, who lives with his wife Heather and their three children, runs the highly popular FamilyOFive YouTube channel – a viral operation with over quarter of a million subscribers – that regularly posts videos of him bullying his children.

Martin used to be known as DaddyOFive, and in 2017 he was sentenced for five years’ probation for child neglect after posting stomach-churning clips where he yelled at his kids until they cried, threw them to the ground and encouraged them to hit each other. It was so bad that a judge took custody away from two of his children, and sent them to live with their biological mom.

Sadly, his new channel that he runs featuring his new wife and three sons by her appears to be no different. Martin uploads disturbing vlogs for hundreds of thousands of viewers where he continues to scream at his kids and swear at them. He films them when they get hurt – the trailer for his channel shows his son crying out in pain after getting hit in the groin – and shouts at them until they start crying. Martin also demands that they assist him with his YouTube channel, filming family arguments, and lashing out when he thinks they’re not holding the camera steadily.

Cyberbullying experts who spoke to babe about FamilyOFive called for authorities to take custody of Martin’s remaining three children. Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, an anti-child abuse organization, condemned Martin’s channel as “horrible and horrific” and said it was tantamount to bullying.

How Mike Martin continues to harass his kids

  • Back in September 2017, after receiving a five year sentence for child neglect, Mike Martin continued to post about his family. A judge suspended his sentence after Martin entered a plea acknowledging the evidence against him. He stopped uploading to his old channel, DaddyOFive, and directed viewers to a new one called FamilyOFive, where he picked up right where he left off – bullying his children.

    Babe trawled through his videos – extended vlogs running around 30 minutes long, most of them shot around the house – which revealed a pattern of distressing behavior. Check out RYAN BROKE DAD’S GRILL AND TRIED TO LIE ABOUT IT, a recent video from May.

  • In this video, Martin includes a painful scene where he yells at his two young sons, Ryan and Jake, for breaking the wheel off his grill while they were cleaning his patio. “Real nice!” he shouts, clenching his fists above his head in anger. “What the hell is wrong with you kids?”

    He then yells at his son for not wearing a shirt while he cleans his backyard, and menacingly stares him down. “You ain’t got no God-darn shirt on! Walking around my house half naked. Put some damn clothes on!”

    Mike Martin, left, and his sons

    The video then cuts to him screaming at his son Jake for not being able to open a patio umbrella. “He can’t figure this out!” Martin says. “He’s seen it open a million times and he can’t figure it out. I’m pissed off at him, I’m not even gonna lie. I’m pissed off at him.”

    Telling Jake to hold the camera so he can continue vlogging, Martin says: “Hold this, move. God-darn it, get the f– hell out of the way.” Martin then scolds Jake for not filming what he wants: “Show the umbrella, you nerd. I’ve had it with you guys today.”

    “These kids are pissing me off,” he tells the camera. One of his other sons, Ryan, comes out the door and Martin shrieks: “Go in the house!” And then back to Jake: “Hold the camera still!”

    This is a typical video for Martin’s channel. The trailer for his channel is just as vile – the opening shot is a clip of his son getting hit in the crotch and collapsing to the ground in pain. The montage also shows his sons punching each other, getting yelled at by Martin, and crying while he laughs at them, even as they beg for him to turn off the camera.

    Martin also encourages his kids to fight and harass each other. In IS JAKE LYING ON ALEX? he goads his sons into an argument, getting his older son to make his younger brother Alex cry. “He’s shook! He’s so shook!” laughs Martin. After four minutes of quarreling with his brother, Alex breaks down and cries. He buries his face into his pillow and tries to hide under a blanket. Martin explodes into a fit of giggles, puts the camera in his crying son’s face and shouts: “Wow! Alex gets exposed!”

    Martin laughing at his tearful son

    It’s clear that Martin’s kids sometimes don’t want to be in his vlogs, which he insists on making. And when they do, they endure a lot of verbal punishment. A clip in SOMEONE JUST GOT CAUGHT IN A LIE features Martin ranting at his son Jake for leaning against a wall (“He can’t stand! Look at him! You can’t stand! Get back here!”). In another clip he calls his youngest son Alex “a bit of a turd.”

    When they do agree to help him film, Martin lashes out at them for holding the camera shakily. “People are not gonna watch the God-darn blogs anymore. Everyone is complaining. I get so many messages about shaky ass camera. It is not hard to hold the God-darn camera.”

  • A history of abuse

    When Martin was sentenced for child neglect in 2017, two of his five children were taken away to live with their mom. He was banned from contacting them without a judge’s permission. Prosecutors at the time said: “There was no doubt that there was mental abuse occurring, so we had Child Protective Services do some evaluations. It was clear from those evaluations that these kids were emotionally traumatized, so we felt child neglect charges were appropriate.”

    “We are sorry and we will change our style,” Martin said. But he continues to upload daily videos like WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT JAKE, KID GETS GROUNDED FOR LIFE and THIS KID IS OUT OF CONTROL.

    Cyberbullying experts told babe that what Martin was doing to his kids was tantamount to emotional and verbal abuse. “The worst thing a parent can do is shame their kid because it destroys self-esteem and self-confidence,”Dr Kortney Peagram, founder of Bulldog Solution, said. “He’s showing his kids how to be mean, how to laugh at someone’s pain. He has no empathy. He has high levels of aggression, which is dangerous. His kids are going to foster that behavior.”

  • Dr Peagram recommended state authorities should intervene given Martin’s aggressive behavior. Dean Tong, another child abuse expert, added Martin’s treatment of his kids was “clearly consistent with parental alienation, a form of psychological, mental and emotional child abuse.” He called on Martin to be reported to Child Protective Services in Maryland.

    We have contacted YouTube for comment.

    If you have info about FamilyOFive or other YouTubers you want us to write about, contact [email protected].

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