We asked girls about the creative ways guys have asked them out


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We asked girls about the creative ways guys have asked them out

Some threatened their own lives for that pussy

Regardless of the sad reality that romance is an endangered social act, people nowadays still manage to put their phones down long enough to engage in actual convos. I was feeling nostalgic, hoping that chivalry wasn't entirely my ideation. So I asked around about how guys have actually grabbed their balls to step up to the plate.


My sister gave my ex boyfriend our house phone number and told him to call me because “She’s too nice not to talk to you.” She was right. We were together seven years and he proposed to me at a concert, on stage, in front of 1,200 people. I broke up with him two weeks later. Turns out those seven years were an extension of being “too nice” to say what I really wanted and didn’t want that foreva eva. Oh and don’t feel bad for him. He had got a stranger pregnant less than three months later.


Thai border officer wrote his number on my (expired) visa that was hanging out in my passport. Luckily it wasn't in my actual passport!


My first boyfriend and I were in the same math class. He then asked me to be his girlfriend on a graphing calculator one day.

Oh – this was high school.


My current boyfriend had a panic attack in my mom's living room over the thought of dating me. We've been together a year now. Having a near death experience would get any poor guy a phone number at least.


Not for my number but… My current girlfriend and I were texting and she asked what I got from Starbucks. She said that sounded gross and after I defended it “I have to see for myself. Can I take you for coffee sometime?” Our first date.


I was walking toward the opposite end of the train when this guy said I'd "dropped my paper." I keep everything in my front pockets and I don't carry any kind of paper, so I was wondering what the hell he was talking about when I couldn't find it.

Then he "helped" me look for it when he handed me a small piece of paper as he magically brought it out from under his palm. The paper had his name and phone number on it. It was cute and classic, but I felt super dumb falling for the ambush.


I had someone threaten to drive home drunk and he was like “If I die my blood will be on your hands.” It's a proposal I'll never forget.


My ex and I in high school were kind of on and off. During one of our off times my best friend almost hit him with her car because he was standing in front of her car making faces at me and flipping me off, so she honked at him to get out of the way and he hit her car with his (not needed and attention grabbing) crutches. He was in between girlfriends at the time and I was sadly always willing to get back together with him.


A cop once called me to follow up on a driving ticket (which he knew he wasn't going to give me) and tried to ask me to grab a drink, but the night he pulled me over, I was in the car with my boyfriend and his friend, which I pointed out to him on the phone. He ended the call quickly and told me to sort out my driver's license. My boyfriend wasn't too happy either, but at least he didn't have to pay for a ticket.


This dude kept going through people we knew so he could talk to me. Unfortunately for him, I had a boyfriend at the time, so he rage sent me a dick pic after I said I wasn't interested.


My current boyfriend kicked in a windshield to impress me, he wanted my number. Evidently, it worked.

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